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Duchess Victoria of Oasis announced on 032-1120 that the area under her control is no longer a client state of the Third Imperium, but rather the Independent Duchy of Oasis.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Duchy consists of 36 worlds, the 33 of Oasis subsector plus Navares (Zarushagaar 2422), Cossor (Zarushagaar 2424) and Sternberk (Zarushagaar 2426) in the Wolf subsector.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Victoria cited Lucan's long history of failing to meet the needs of his subjects as the reason for her break with the Iridium Throne. (The Duchess is well known for her concern for her subjects). Given the poor condition of the Vengeance Fleet, it is unlikely that Lucan will try and force the reintegration of the Duchy into his Imperium.

  • With the start of the Rebellion, Duchess Victoria of Oasis Subsector chose the status quo, the Third Imperium. By mid-1118, Victoria had come to the conclusion that Lucan could never be the strong leader the Imperium needed. She set in motion a long range plan to take matters into her own hands.
  • The one major stumbling block facing Victoria was Daibei. The Duchess' participation in Murata's coalition had the potential to create problems in the future. She decided on a diplomatic approach to diffuse any possible threat the Federation might pose. The initiative culminated in the secret signing of the Treaty of Ermi. In return for leaving Oasis in peace, Victoria agreed to look the other way should the Federation expand into Zarushagar (up to a clearly defined point).
  • Initially, the Duchy's position was tenuous. Victoria was unsure whether or not Lucan would force the reintegration of the Duchy into the Imperium and there was still the growing pirate threat to deal with. Furthermore, the Duchess was not so naive as to believe that the Treaty assured "peace in her time". She kept an eye on Daibei as well.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

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World Listing: 1116[edit]

The following systems and worlds are known to be part of this polity:

37 of 37 World articles in Independent Duchy of Oasis
Alakar  •  Altacen  •  Arising  •  Aypoole  •  Chronus  •  Cossor  •  Defranco  •  Dethis  •  Donsam  •  Dothama  •  Egama  •  Harmless  •  Hentier  •  Hiistan  •  Irap  •  Isaji  •  Kamov  •  Kezfi  •  Kuire  •  Nar Sumeck  •  Nuaimy  •  Oasis (Za 3130)  •  Olesno  •  Payabyab  •  Peolanti  •  Pora (Za 2528)  •  Reina  •  Romany  •  Scimonelli  •  Shiganisa  •  Shytek-oberon  •  Sidna  •  Skaob-heti  •  Tagend  •  Thagam  •  Uhlis  •  Usyupkut  •  
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