Ian X (Prince of Caledon)

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Sovereign Prince: Ian X
Sovereign Prince of Principality of Caledon
Born 654
Ascended 669
Died 730
Preceeded by Laurence VII
Succeeded by Roger V

Ian the Tenth, also known as "Ian The Great", was by far the longest-reigning Caledonian monarch - and is regarded by history as among the best.

The oldest son of Morris the Third and his second wife Colleen Leith, Ian acceded to the throne after the death of his much-older half-brother Laurence VII, at age 15.

With the aid of his regent, Stephen Saint George (45th Viscount of Pirbright), who had served in the same capacity for his father and half-brother, Ian quickly learned the ropes, and at age 19 commanded the Fleet in its successful prosecution of the Second Reaver War, against a coalition of Khanate and Aslan forces.

The end of the Second Reaver War led to the resumption of very lucrative trade with the Aslan Hierate.

Ian convened the Conclave of New Glasgow in 685. This conference - which lasted nearly a year - led to the drafting of the "Second Constitution". Unlike Ian I's "First Constitution" nearly 700 years earlier, it was written down, and contained listed enumerated powers (which had been unwritten elements of Caledonian "Common Law" to that point).

Ian reigned for 61 years, to age 76, before stepping down and handing the throne to his son, John VIII.

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