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Admiral Ian Saint George Urquehart, Viscount of Halifax (315-402, was one of the most notable naval commanders in the history of the Principality of Caledon's Royal Caledonian Navy. He is most famously known as the architect of naval victory in the Reaver War of 370.

Early Life[edit]

Urquehart was born the second of four children of a Gheldaght teacher in suburban Mackenzie, Caledon in 315.

He was schooled at the Clan Donalgh school in Mackenzie, and took the RCNA entrance exam on a lark, scoring just high enough to be considered. He joined the Academy in 332.

Naval Career[edit]

Urquehart graduated 126th in a class of 350 - but while his grades weren't stellar, his tactical aptitude was recognized from the beginning.

He served the following postings:

  • 336 - Ensign on the light frigate HCMS Carlton. Promoted over several classmates to sublieutenant in 338.
  • 340 - Again promoted as a sublieutenant to serve as First Lieutenant on the sloop HCMS Blackminch Bay, which patrolled the Aslan trade routes. He became intimately familiar with Reavers and their tactics. (Rank: Sublieutenant)
  • 342 - Promoted to First Lieutenant of the Destroyer HCMS MacTavish, escorting battle squadrons on the driftward imperial frontier. (Rank: First Lieutenant)
  • 344 - Promoted to command of the destoyer HCMS Lovatt, homeported in Cuillin. (Rank: Corvette Captain)
  • 348 - Promoted to command the light frigate HCMS Lairdshoulton, back on the Reaver frontier out of Dunbarton. There, he saw a lot of action, and became something of an authority on Reaver methods and tactics. He was also knighted, in 352. (Rank: Frigate Captain)
  • 352 - Promoted to command of battleship HCMS Regent Nigel McDougall, (Rank: Captain of the Line)
  • 355 - Taught tactics at the Royal Naval War College, on Caledon.
  • 358 - Commander, Frigate Squadron 24, Dunbarton. (Rank: Commodore)
  • 361 - Commander, Battleship Squadron 5, Dunbarton. (Rank: Corvette Captain)
  • 364 - Commander, Forward Operating Base Scotia. (Rank: Rear Admiral)
  • 367 - Commander, Task Force 5, Dunbarton. (Rank: Vice Admiral)

It was here that he was serving at the beginning of the Reaver War - when TF5 became "Fifth Fleet", the largest naval unit assembled in Caledonian history.

  • 371 - Commander, Spinward Station. (Rank: Admiral)
  • 375 - Commander, Royal Caledonian Navy (Rank: Admiral of the Fleet)

Urquehart retired in 380, and accepted a position as a professor at the Royal University of Caledon's Catharine College.

Personal Life[edit]

Urquehart was married in 342 to Margaret Colqohoun. They were married until he died. They had four children.


The Urquehart Medal is given to the cadet at the Royal Caledonian Naval Academy who scores the highest in tactical aptitude.

Urquehart Hall at the Naval Academy - the tactical studies center - is named after Lord Urquehart.

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