Hv'ika Kamlin

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The Hv'ika Kamlin is both an independent state and the name of an alien minor race.

The Hv'ika Kamlin also contains and a minor race of Humaniti. They are a client state of the Hive Federation, greatly influenced by it and militarily allied.

Hv'ika Kamlin (Polity) Goals[edit]

While active in commerce and political affairs, the predominant philosophy is not militarily aggressive.

Hv'ika Kamlin (Polity) Government & Politics[edit]


Hv'ika Kamlin (Polity) Technology & Trade[edit]


Hv'ika Kamlin (Polity) Military & Intelligence[edit]

Naval Technology: No known shipyards. Probably possess shipyard facilities outside the Quadrant.

Hv'ika Kamlin (Polity) History & Background[edit]


Hv'ika Kamlin (Polity) Sectors & Astrography[edit]


Hv'ika Kamlin (Polity) References & Background[edit]

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