Horsehead Nebula

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Horsehead Nebula (Barnard 33)

The Horsehead Nebula (also known as Barnard 33) is a dark nebula, or absorption nebula, in the constellation Orion as seen from the night sky of Terra.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The nebula is part of the much larger Orion Molecular Cloud Complex (where star formation is taking place), and lies at a distance of ~460pc from Sol along a Rimward by Rimtrailing bearing at 207.0o galactic longitude and -16.8o south galactic latitude.

  • The Orion Molecular Cloud Complex extends throughout the Terran-sky constellation of Orion and includes Barnard's Loop, the Orion Nebula, M43, M78, and the Flame Nebula.
  • The pinkish-red glow emanating from the Horsehead Nebula is caused by hydrogen gas (predominantly behind the nebula) that has been ionized by the nearby bright star Sigma Orionis. The darkness of the Horsehead is the result of thick dust blocking the light of the stars behind it, and the visible dark nebula emerging from the gaseous complex is a region of low-mass star formation. Bright spots at the base of the Horsehead Nebula are young stars in the process of forming.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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