Honorable Order of the Emperor's Guard

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The most common Imperial order of knighthood, established by Cleon I in 52.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The duties of the order are purely ceremonial, and have nothing to do with actually guarding the Emperor -- or much of anything, except attending meetings and banquets. The OEG is overwhelmingly populated by Landed Knights with a minority of Honor and Ceremonial Knights.

  • Ordinary members of the order are known as Companions (C.E.G.). Higher-ranking members of the order are known as Knight Commanders (K.C.E.G.). The order has about 100 Knight Commanders; the Imperial archdukes normally hold this rank, and it is otherwise granted to a few rare individuals the Emperor chooses to honor more highly than with an ordinary knighthood. The head of the order is the Grand Commander (G.C.E.G.), a position automatically assumed by the Emperor upon assuming the throne. He may resign and appoint a successor, but this has never happened.
  • Knight Commanders of the order are unusual in that they receive fiefs -- almost the only Imperial knights to do so. These fiefs are quite small, consisting of between a quarter and half a hectare of land, but they are located on Capital and the associated prestige is enormous.
  • The badge of the order is gules, an apple or -- the emblem of the now-extinct Dukes of Grundsen, from which Empress Nicholle was descended. For this reason, knights of the order are sometimes nicknamed "Apple-Bearers".

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The order was originally limited to the personal retainers of the reigning emperor. Under Empress Nicholle, the rule was broadened to permit any Imperial citizen to be elevated to the order. The order is now widespread, with a diverse membership. Most landed knighthoods bestowed by the Emperor are in this order. There are about 2,500 in existence at any one time.

Privileges Conferred[edit]

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Esteemed Membership[edit]

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