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The Order of the Arrow is an Imperial order of knighthood established in 62 by Emperor Artemsus, to recognize interstellar explorers.

  • This order has sometimes been referred to as the Honourable Order of the Arrow.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The subdivisions of the Honourable Order of the Arrow are:

  • Grand Commander of the Order of the Arrow (G.C.A.)
  • Knight/Dame Commander of the Order of the Arrow (K.C.A. / D.C.A.)
  • Frater / Soror of the Order of the Arrow (F.A. / S.A.)

An ordinary member is a Frater ("brother") or Soror ("sister") of the Order of the Arrow (F.A., S.A.), and is treated as a knight in all respects. The second level of membership in the order is Knight Commander of the Order of the Arrow (K.C.A.). The head of the order is the is Grand Commander of the Order of the Arrow (G.C.A.).

  • The badge of the order is 'sable, a sheaf of arrows gules', as laid down in Artemsus's original establishing proclamation.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The order was originally open only to members of the IISS, but was opened to others in 692 under Margaret I. Margaret's proclamation specifically permitted notable scientists in fields related to exploration (astronomy, sophontology, sociology, and so on) to be inducted.

  • The headquarters of the order are located on Capital, adjacent to the grand meeting hall of the order, a museum of the IISS (including the complete IISS archives), and a few small, but well-appointed apartments for traveling members, available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Privileges Conferred[edit]

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Esteemed Membership[edit]

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