His Majesty's Dockyard - Caledon

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His Majesty's Dockyard - Caledon is the Royal Caledonian Navy's official headquarters, and largest operational base. Its highport is in geosynchronous orbit above Caledon, while its downport is in Hamilton, a suburb of the Principality's capital city of Selkirk.


The primary base highport is located on a highly-ferrous "moon", approximately 80KM long and 35KM wide, in geosynchronous orbit about 5 degrees to spinward (down-orbit) and 30,000KM above the downport. The smallish satellite has no detectible natural gravitational or magnetic fields; it has been extensively tunnelled to provide pressurized repair hangars capable of accomodating the largest starships in the Navy, as well as space for workshops, offices, magazines, storage and accomodations for thousands of base personnel.

The planet-ward side of the satellite is largely reserved for repair hangars and air-lockable docking spaces, as well as a 5KM-square "sky-wharf" mooring structure). The space-ward side is studded with defenses and serves as a base for planetary defense vessels.

The up-orbit "point" contains the "traffic control" center for the base.

A high-speed "Subway", running hundreds of meters below the surface, connects key installations on the base.

A secondary highport - shared with several shipyards - is built on a smaller geosynchronous satellite on the opposite side of the home planet.


The Downport includes several launch and recovery areas, a large complex of repair sheds for smaller streamlined vessels, offices, magazines and barracks.

It's also the location of several Royal Caledonian Navy technical and staff schools.

Shuttles leave for and arrive from the highport every hour.