Highlander class Exploratory Merchant

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Highlander class Exploratory Merchant
Type: MC Exploratory Merchant
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Cargo 353.15 Tons
Cost MCr 221.45
Qty: MCr 185.45
Crew 25
Hardpoints 5
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Jump J-3
Maneuver 2 G
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Origin Third Imperium
Passengers 10/30 High/Med 4 Low
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Size 500 Tons
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Tech Level TL–13
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The Highlander class is a Louis & Clark class Scout Surveyor modified for merchant use; in this case, extra armament was added, and the computer was upgraded. Note the use of 25MW vehicular Beam Lasers for point defense; in space, the range is entirely adequate for such use, and it is unnecessary to use the full power of a 250MW ship's laser to blow up unarmored missiles. Also note the use of Fusion Y guns for close-range combat; at the short range of, say, a boarding attempt, the Y guns are capable of turning the average (armor 40-60) corsair or pirate's hull into so much Swiss cheese.

Also note Darrian computers; listed as 7(fiber-optic) rather than 7fib because 7fib is a conventional computer with fiber-optic backup and is priced to reflect the redundancy; Darrian computers are purely fiber optic, no backup involved. Note the use of extendible solar panels to increase the level of "emergency" power, and additional fuel capacity added in the form of external tanks and a collapsible tank in the hold -- Highlander is intended for extra-Imperial exploratory trading, a la Leviathan.

Highlander refit designed by Steve Higginbotham.

Class Members[edit]

  • Highlander (Class Leader)
  • Intrepid

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