High Passage 5

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High Passage Issue 5
Publisher FASA
Version Classic Traveller
Author Various
Format Digest
Canonical No
Year Published 1982
Pages 64

This issue, High Passage, A Ticket to Traveller Adventure 5, was the final one.


Editor: J. Andrew Keith
Associate Editor and Art Director: William H. Keith, Jr.
Executive Editor and Founder: Jim Cunningham


Planetary Goverment in Traveller by Marc Miller 5
Fortune Class Starship by Ken Roney 8
Awaiting Shipment: Wines, Liquors, and Beverages. 14
Traveller's Gear by William H. Keith, Jr. 15
Urshag's Fighting Vehicles by Frank Fry 18
Day of the Gathering 23
Boarding Pass by Jim Cunningham and J. Andrew Keith 45
Worlds of the Imperium by J. Andrew Keith 47
The Port Authority Handbook by J. Andrew Keith 49
Squadrons of the Old Expanses by Jim Cunningham and Gordon Sheridan 51
Warbook by Jim Cunningham 54
The Naval Gazette by Captain Sandrai Elashgar, kt 55
Star Atlas: Shenk Subsector 60
Outside the Expanses: by Marischal Adventures 62