High Passage 4

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High Passage 4
Publisher FASA
Version Classic Traveller
Author Various
Format Periodical (Digest)
Canonical No
Edition 1st
Year Published 1982
Pages TBD
High Passage Magazine Issue 4.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

No information yet available.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

FASA's High Passage Magazines are among many of the most collected of Traveller publications:

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Cover and Interior Art: William H. Keith, Jr.
Design and Layout: Jordan Weisman, Ross Babcock
Copy Editing: Ross Babcock

Table of Contents[edit]

Briefing: From the Editors 4
Feature Adventure: 134-635 by Jim Cunningham 7
Interdiction Satellite by Gordon Sheridan 20
Dombase 25
Mining Robot 27
The Port Authority Handbook: Interdicted Planets by the Keith Bros. 28
Starship Files: Arzhent Class Prospector/Surveyor by Gordon Sheridan 31
Awaiting Shipment: Petrochemicals by J. Andrew Keith 36
In Transit: GMV - 10 by J. Andrew Keith 40
In Transit: Orbital Tug by J. Andrew Keith 44
Warbook: Tempest Attack Cruiser 48
Offices & Facilities: Merchants 50
Striker Force: Caledon Highlanders 53
Boarding Pass: Verin Dalleroi 58
Star Atlas: Ahrhi Subsector 62