High Passage 2

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High Passage
Issue 2 cover
Publisher FASA
Version Classic Traveller
Format small
Canonical no
Year Published 1981
Pages 48
High Passage Magazine issue 2

Table of Contents[edit]

Briefing: From the Editors ... 4
Feature Adventure: The Cobra Conspiracy, by Scott Walschlager ... 5
Starship Files: Iron Fist Class Pirate Corsair, by Craig Johnson ... 31
In Transit: Grav APC, by Scott Walschlager ... 35
In Transit: AH-15 Aggresso Attack Helicopter, by Craig Johnson ... 37
Special Feature: Marc Miller Interview (part 1) ... 39
The Armory: Book 4 Small Arms, by Jim Cunningham ... 43
Star Atlas: So Skire Subsector, by Scott Walschlager ... 44