Heng-O class Carrier

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Heng-O class Carrier
Type: VL Light Carriers
Origin Mercantile Concord
Tech Level TL–10
Size 40,000 Tons
Jump J-1
Maneuver 6 G
Hardpoints 400
Cargo 51 Tons
Crew 1,212 with 500 marines
Passengers 0 High/Med 606 Low
Cost MCr35,497.884  in quantity=28,398.307
In Service: 1

Built at the orbital shipyards of Heng-o (world) for the Mercantile Concord. This vessel has also been sold to the Principality of Souris, as the flagship of their fleet. It carries ten squadrons of light fleet defense fighters, which are used to screen and protect other ships in the fleet. There are six small shuttles used for refueling operations. Four squadrons of heavy attack boats seek out enemy vessels for concentrated strikes with heavy ordinance. There flagship embarks a full battalion of marines. They are supported by a company of grav tanks, a battery of artillery and a company of grav APCs. The marines have drop capsules for orbital insertion and rely on the nine shuttles for dust off and extraction. A complete frozen watch is available to replace crew losses and/or transport extra troops. The carrier has an unstreamlined dispersed structure hull to facilitate rapid launch and recovery of its fighters. Its strategic range is limited by the available TL–10 drive technology. It is fitted with enough fuel for two jump 1's and has fuel purification equipment. The ship is equipped with 6 G engines and has 4 agility. A spare model 4 fib computer is carried, in the event of battle damage operations fail over to this array. Otherwise this extra computer is used to coordinate fighter operations and runs squadron level software. Defenses include a pair of prototype repulsors, a largely untested technology, for this fleet. Sixty triple sand caster turrets are organized into six batteries. For offense there are ten large missile bays, ten particle accelerator bays, sixty dual plasma gun turrets and sixty triple beam laser turrets.

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