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Heartstones (also know as Xochinelhan or Amec Bloodstones) are silicon-based life-forms highly prized within the Amec Trade Protectorate. Their home planet is a closely guarded secret even from the Imperium and known only to a few Amec officials sworn to secrecy. Each city on Eddum (Dagudashaag 0531), as well as each planet within the Protectorate is given a heartstone. These giant (usually over a metre in circumference) red crystalline life-forms are totally immobile and require regular nourishment (usually in the form of blood containing haemoglobin poured onto the ‘stone’ and absorbed through the outer shell) to remain active.

Heartstones are extremely empathetic and seem to reflect the mood of the people around it by changing colour. The city leaders use the stone to monitor the mood of its citizens and try and ensure the stone usually reflects a deep blue-purple colour which indicates a feeling of well-being in the city’s population. It is believed that Heartstones only bud after a long period of empathetic satisfaction. What is known for certain is that only the capital’s stone has ever budded.

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