Harp Plant

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Harp Plant
Base Information
Classification Autotroph
Terrain Open (Fields)
Locomotion Sessile
Size Small
Speed 0.0 kph (Sessile)
Strength Immobile
Social Structure Large groups (Fields)
Weapons None
Armor None
Homeworld Chemi (Daibei 2530)
Multi-world No
Canon No
Extinct Extant
Reference "Daibei Sector: Library and Map." The Travellers' Digest 15 23.

The Harp Plant is a flowering plant is native to Chemi (Daibei 2530), which is named for its method of attracting pollinator insects.

Physiology and ecology[edit]

No information yet available.

Life Cycle and reproduction[edit]

The plant's method of attracting pollinating insects is by sound rather than scent or color.

The fine strands stretched between its upright stems vibrate in the wind, at a pitch which attracts native insects. When the insect responds, it makes a meal of the harp plant's pollen as well as spreading it around.

Diet and trophics[edit]

Harp plant is a photosynthetic autotroph.

History and background[edit]

Indec Corporation, a well-known manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in Daibei owns the world of Chemi. The sap of the harp plant is used by Indec Corporation as a base for many of their antiviral and antifungal drugs.

Travellers' Aid Society Advisory[edit]

The Travellers' Aid Society classifies harp plants as non-threatening to most sophonts and makes no special advisory regarding this organism.

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