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The Harmal Strange is a Jump Shoal region located in Far Home Sector. It lies at the heart of the Distant Fringe, in the rimward part of the Empty Stars.

Details / Specifications[edit]

The Harmal Strange lies within the Harmal Deep, a region of lower stellar density that forms part of the Border Rifts.

The Harmal Strange is a region measuring approximately 2 parsecs coreward-rimward by 3 parsecs spinward-trailing and affecting an area of approximately 4 parsecs. Within the Strange it is unusually difficult to enter jumpspace, and travelling across the shoal diminishes the capabilities of jump drives generally. The Harmal Strange lies within a broad astrographic void called the Harmal Deep.

  • A Jump-1 ship cannot enter jump space at all in this region; any vessel attempting to do so will suffer drive damage, as well as damage to the physical structure of the vessel.
  • A Jump-2 capable vessel can enter jump within the Strange, but will only cover one parsec before being dropped back into normal space. Fuel consumption is normal for the drive. Long range vessels have been able to cross the shoal.


The feature has been known of for millennia but its exact area of effect was finally defined by the University of Tal Varisa Deep Sky Program.

The verified existence of the anomaly became accepted public knowledge rather than myth and rumor following publication of the "Where The Stars End" Astrographic Survey in 5550AD.

There are persistent tales of "Jump Phantoms" and "Jump Demons", said to be entities that manifest aboard vessels in jumpspace within the region. Normally inactive sensors track "Jump Shadows", bizarre traces and signatures that supposedly match the tracking vessels vector within jumpspace but which originate from beyond its jump field. Stories and sensor data of this kind are regarded as utterly unreliable.

  • The 3V Entertainment show Dark Secrets of the Hidden Void stages vivid and sensationalist reconstructions of spooky incidents, strange encounters and mysterious disappearances that have occurred around the Harmal Strange region.

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This astrographic feature is primarily found in the following areas:
Uncharted Space - Distant Fringe:

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