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Harada Solutions Ltd is a large corporation of the Distant Fringe.


Harada Solutions is considered to be a part of the Utilities, Waste, and Energy Business Sector. Its primary area of operations is within the rimward parts of the Distant Fringe. It provides energy to customers and maintains the infrastructure necessary for efficient, reliable provision of power.

Commercial Competencies[edit]

  • Geophysical and environmental services.
  • Primary power generation.
  • Infrastructure placement, management and maintenance.
  • Energy support services.
  • Technological compatibility services.
  • Special production needs.
  • Hazard control.

Governance & Organization[edit]

Harada Solutions is governed by a Chief Executive and a Board of Directors. It is run by a Director of Operations, Departmental Directors, and senior departmental officers. It has an extensive Records Department, an Internal Audit Office, a Legal Department, a Regional Logistics Bureau, a Sophont Resources Office, a Public Relations Department, a Finance Department, and an Office of Internal Security.

Head Office:[edit]

The head office is located on Kuyt, a major commercial and industrial center. As well as the main administrative complexes its headquarters includes a number of executive villas where business may be undertaken in complete privacy. The company controls a private spaceport facility on the world.

Major Divisions:[edit]

  • Research and Development
  • Environmental Services
  • Infrastructure Division
  • Domestic Division
  • Commercial Division
  • Industrial Division


Stock ownership:

  • EnGen Consortium – 30%,
  • Lansing Holdings – 24%,
  • Private ownership – 17%,
  • Public ownership – 15%,
  • Carmine Investments – 8%,
  • Société Bénéfique – 6%.


  • Rimward Energy Provision.

Notable Investments[edit]

No information yet available.

Corporate Holdings[edit]

The company maintains Regional Head Offices, administrative centers, power plants and power production centers, power transmission systems, grids and networks, and commercial premises on worlds across the region. It holds substantial amounts of machinery, tools, vehicles, supplies, and the supporting equipment and technology necessary to maintain operations. It has depots and storage facilities in many major urban centers. Its various assets and holdings are protected by corporate security.

  • Harada Solutions holds extensive patents and copyrights regarding power generation, transmission and storage systems.
  • The company has a fleet of light transport vessels primarily designed to move equipment and personnel.

History & Background[edit]

The corporation was founded by a consortium of utility providers on Kuyt during the 53rd century.

Trade Partners[edit]

  • Peripheral Strategic Environmental

Trade Competitors[edit]

  • Energie Symbiotique SA.


Over recent years, Harada Solutions has faced ongoing allegations concerning the conduct of the Direct Sales Department of its Domestic Division. Investigations revealed the systemic use of misleading sales techniques, with suggestions of fraudulent activities, threats, and gross mishandling of privileged personal information.

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