Hall of Kilbarton (Caledonian Clan)

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Clan Hall of Kilbarton has spent nearly a millenium trying to shake off a legacy bequeathed upon it by its ancestors.

In -327, Stuart Hall (Viscount of Urquehartleith), serving as regent to the young (and, legend has it, not-intellectually-gifted) Robert I, allegedly engineered the poisoning of the Prince on the eve of his wedding to Kate MacMurdo, heiress to a powerful Caledonian family, a union that would have cemented the Douglass clan's place at the throne. Engineering a legal coup with his peerage claim, Hall took over the monarchy as Stuart I.

He then went on to earn the sobriquet "Bloody Stuart", carrying on a vendetta against the Douglass clan (some of whom colonized the eponymous system to escape Stuart's oppression) and the MacMurdos as well after Kate rejected his advances. The vendettas lasted for decades - and although the clan ruled for 75 years through five monarchs, they were turbulent and ugly years for the Principality, ended by the equally-suspicious murder of the fifth Hall prince, Duncan I, in -252, after which a coalition of other nobles exiled most of the clan to Dunbarrow, which remains the clan's stronghold.

The Halls mellowed over time, and came to provide great service to the Principality; Admiral Dougal Hall, 22nd Viscount of Pairgallen, was one of the Royal Caledon Navy's great heroes. But keeping the Halls away from the throne is virtually bred into nobles from other clans.

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