Haaman Anani Bilaau

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Haaman Anani Bilaau, LIC (HAB) is a freight and passenger transport company.


HAB operates out of the coreward border of Gushemege, extending into Dagudashaag, Vland and Corridor. The company has proved both popular and prosperous in Dagudashaag despite having Vilani ownership.


Eshkhima family 34%
Miikadgaa family 23%
Zirunkariish 21%
Noble families 8%
Public 4%

History and background[edit]

The company utilizes a number of Vilani-specifc and standard Imperial designs in the 400 – 5,000 ton range, with approximately 60 ships in service. All HAB ships have the latest transponders and communication gear as well as having the company logo stenciled in large, fluorescent colours all over the exterior.

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