Gushki Mining Corporation

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The Gushki Mining Corporation, LIC was founded in 792 by a consortium of independent asteroid miners. Having analyzed the situation on Iimkhir (Dagudashaag 3101), the miners had realized that the inefficient government was having substantial difficulties in selling its Iridium due to the constant inter-group bickering. Gushki stepped in and began buying Iridium and shipping it off-world, gradually developing over the years into a major shipping route for the Iridium. Gushki executives used their business skills to find customers and act as insulation to the volatile politics of Iimkhir.

Gushki makes a good profit from their work, but are not overly greedy. They are well known for providing their employees with excellent working conditions, pay, and other benefits. Jobs with the company are much sought after by people from Iimkhir, who are rarely provided with such good conditions under their company charters.

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