Guilded Lilly 2: Belly of the Beast

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GL-2: Belly of the Beast
Belly of the Beast
Publisher Avenger Enterprises
Version Traveller The New Era
Author Unknown
Format PDF
Canonical Yes
Year Published 2007
Pages Unknown
Product No: CSRT0036
Guilded Lilly 2: Belly of the Beast is the long-awaited sequel to the New Era adventure The Guilded Lilly - Virus Redux. It stands alone as part of the epic Virus Redux storyline which concludes with the adventure Guilded Lilly 3: Into the Darkness.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

“Someone out in the Diaspora Sector is building new starships. Normally that would be a good thing, but not when those ships are Vampires. And not when the Vampires are being offered for sale to unsuspecting Free Trader crews by the Guild.

The Reformation Coalition has its hands full dealing with other problems, but this one can't wait. The source of the Vampires must be investigated and dealt with. Nobody else is available, so a small team will be sent out into the unknown with no backup and no chance for rescue when the mission inevitably goes sour.”

The head of RCES Long Range Planning Group looked up with a humorless smile.

“That'd be you,“ he said after a pause. “Good hunting.”

Meta-history & Background[edit]

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Table of Contents[edit]

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