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Gregg Giles is a Traveller author, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Gregg worked in the video game industry as a Producer and designer for 8.5 years for Electronic Arts, Acclaim Entertainment, Sierra and 3DO.

  • His game credits include about 35 unique titles including the early Need for Speed series and High Heat Baseball.
  • His products were developed on platforms including the PC, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Sega-CD, Sega Mega-Drive (Japan and Europe), Sega GameGear, Nintendo GameBoy, Commodore Amiga and the Apple Macintosh.
  • He currently works actively in senior management roles in the Web industry, having produced countless projects and solutions with Acxiom Digital, Organic Media and Medimedia USA.
  • Gregg resides in San Francisco, California.

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  1. EXTERNAL LINK: Gregg's website
  2. EXTERNAL LINK: Security Leak website (official archive)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Gregg Giles was the publisher, editor and chief writer for Traveller RPG focused Security Leak Magazine (fanzine) and the Security Leak Newsletter.

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