Grav Belt

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Grav Belt
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Cost Cr100,000
Size 25.0 liters
Type Personal mobility
Tech Level TL–12
Weight 10.0 kg
Manufacturer Stellar Gravitics

A standard-issue TL–12 grav belt looks like a parachute harness with a “stiffener” that runs down the back and has a series of artificial gravity modules around the waist.

The grav belt weighs about 10 kg, but once it is turned on, a neutral control setting eliminates this weight. This configuration provides 300 kg of thrust for four hours between charges. The grav belt has a maximum speed in an atmosphere of 300 kph, a cruising speed of 225 kph, and a nap-of-earth speed of 40 kph.

The Slipstream™ Grav Belt, developed by Stellar Gravitics, is the ultimate in TL–14 lightweight, long-range grav belt technology. Recognizing that most owners will not be traveling more than twelve hours within the harness, designers at Stellar Gravitics lessened the bulkiness of the Slipstream™ by dropping advanced fuel cells in preference for advanced batteries, and utilized larger grav drive units. Designed for a load of 250kg (including the pilot), the Slipstream™ is designed to travel at speeds of up to 180kph. (Pilots carrying a minimal load can effectively double that top speed, though flight is difficult to control at such speeds.) Thus, the Slipstream™ has become the preferred choice of high tech rescue workers, as well as military and paramilitary organizations. With the grav belt’s popularity and performance capacities, Stellar Gravitics has also recently started marketing the Slipstream™ as sports gear for amateur and professional grav belt racing.

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