Grand United States of Quesada

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The United States of Quesada is an interstellar government.

  • The Grand United States of Quesada, also known as the Estados Unidos Grande de Quesada, is a large member-state of the Solomani Confederation located in Aldebaran Sector.
  • It is a lively republic in both the lives of the people and the political arena. The Quesadans speak fluent Spanish, with Anglic as a second language, and have a proud Hispanic heritage.



  • SoQu
  • Qu
  • GUSQ

History & Background[edit]

-???? to 1130

Recently, the Quesadans have been plagued by an inordinate amount of political upheaval. They have seen three Grande Presidantes in as many years, and SolSec is widely believed to have had a hand in ousting them from power.

Government & Politics[edit]

The United States of Quesada is characterized as having a high degree of centralization, which sets uniform policies that direct the entire multi-system state and disregards local/planetary differences. The United States of Quesada government is usually classified as a Democratic Republic, a form of a Unitary State.

Military & Intelligence[edit]

The United States of Quesada Navy designed the Hussar Class Light Troop Transport, used during the Solomani Rim War.



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