Grand Endeavor

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Grand Endeavor
Traveller's Aide #2
Publisher QuikLink Interactive
Version Generic
Author Martin DoughertyPaul DalyChad Fidler
Format PDF
Year Published 2002
Pages 50
Available from RPGNow
Product No. ta0002
Grand Endeavor is a collection of short fiction set in the universe of Traveller. As an introduction to the Traveller setting, a source of adventure ideas or just an enjoyable read, Grand Endeavor showcases several very different aspects of Traveller. The first half of TA2 presents four Traveller tales:

A troubled ex-Navy officer leads a desperate bid to save a crippled ship on a collision course; a pair of disreputable rogues and a band of tough mercs face chaos and disaster in an ancient ruin; an elderly Scout is reactivated for one last mission; a freelance wheelman finds himself in way over his head as covert agents wage war around him....

TA2 also presents the first chapters of a serialized Traveller novel: The Last Hurrah. Set in the desperate days of the Interstellar Wars, The Last Hurrah follows the fate of a band of naval officers as they battle the ruthless Vilani Imperium.