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Grampia/Caledon (Reaver's Deep 1914)
Classic Era (1115)
StarportE Frontier - no facilities
Size1 Small (1,600 km, 0.05g - 0.09g)
Atmosphere3 Vacuum (very thin)
Hydrographics2 Dry World 20%
Population5 Moderate (200 thousand)
Government2 Participating Democracy
Law0 No Law
Tech Level5 Industrial (mass production)
See also UWP
System Details
Primary M0 V
Planetoid Belts 0
Gas Giants 1
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Grampia is a poor, nonindustrial world.

  • As a nonindustrial world, it requires extensive imports of outside technology to maintain a modern, star-faring society. The need to import most manufactured and high technology goods drives the price of these goods up in the open market.
  • This world has few prospects for economic development.
  • It is a member of the Principality of Caledon in the Caledon Subsector of Reaver's Deep Sector.

Description (Astrography & Planetology)[edit]

Grampia is a small but rugged world.

System Data[edit]

Primary: Ember, spectral class M0V. ICN S4G0304M0V. Mass, 0.489 standard. Stellar diameter, 0.549 standard. Luminosity 0.04 standard.

Planetary System: Two major bodies. One inhabited world (Grampia, I). One gas giant in system. No planetoid belts in system.

I Grampia: Mean orbital radius, 29.92 million kilometers (.2AU). Period, 46.7 days. No satellites. Diameter, 1998 kilometers. Density, 1.03 standard. Mass, .002 standard. Mean surface gravity, .13 G. Rotation period: none (tidal lock with primary). Axial inclination, 35°14'3.2". Albedo, 0.32. Surface atmospheric pressure, 0. 15 atm. Composition, standard oxygen-nitrogen mix, respirator required to breathe atmosphere. Hydrographic percentage, 29%; composition, frozen water-ice. Mean surface temperature (dayside), -19°C. Nightside temperatures reach -40°C or lower.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Grampia is a small but rugged world settled only within the last two centuries. The world offers much in the way of resources; a number of worthwhile minerals are present in abundance, and the original settlement was founded by MacGregor Minerals, a prominent resource exploitation firm. However, the firm made the mistake of backing the wrong side during the Dynastic Crisis of 1024, a mistake which caused the Company charter to be revoked when Lord Campbell was elevated to the throne. The mining colony on Grampia rose against management, ostensibly because of politics, but in fact because of the agitation of a few opportunists who saw a rising as a ticket to power and wealth.

Their vision was an accurate one. The victorious Prince granted control of the Grampian colony and mines to the Provisional Workers' Council in early 1025, and the colony remained in the hands of the people from that time on. The council eventually passed power to a regularly elected executive body, with most major decisions being submitted to a Worker's Vote. Any citizen of the planet holding membership in one of several trade guilds is entitled to vote on such major issues, though the franchise is carefully controlled by vested interests among the various unions. Non-union members are second class citizens with few rights and no voice in affairs at all.

Government by the people has not always run smoothly on Grampia. Politics on the world is an especially dirty game, with a dangerous amount of power being wielded by a few key union administrators. The fact that the Miner's Guild has recently come under the influence of an ambitious pro-Maxwellian, Thorn Bournais, has caused considerable concern both on and off Grampia. A power struggle between Bournais and a syndicate of less powerful politicians has been shaping up for some time, and it is believed that the Miner's Guild leader is receiving help from Maxwellian sympathizers on Claverse (Reaver's Deep 1913), as well. Though not a major world, Grampia's resources, and its proximity to both Caledon (Reaver's Deep 1815) and Scotia (Reaver's Deep 1916), make it a sensitive world in the interplay of contemporary politics,

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