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Senior Scout: Gevaudan Cannagrrh
Senior Scout of Gvurrdon Sector and Domain of Deneb
Born 1069
Ascended 32
Died 1200
Preceeded by Qithka Cannagrrh
Succeeded by Knirr Cannagrrh

Gevaudan Cannagrrh is a moderately well known Vargr adventurer within the Vargr Extents.

Description (Character)[edit]

Senior Scout (Courier - Rank 3) Gevaudan Cannagrrh, male Vargr Equal (see Gvurrdon Sector Campaignbook), ocean blue eyes, white pelt, UPP 798D85-6 Astrogation-3, Clairvoyance-0 or 1 (Referee's Preference), Comms-2, Engineering (M-Drive 1, J-Drive 1, Power 1), Gunnery (Turrets)-1, Shotgun-2, Heavy Weapons (Launchers)-1, Medic 1, Infighting 1, Pilot (Spacecraft)-4, Sensors-2, Survival-1, Teleportation-0 or 1 (Referee's Preference), Vacc Suit-1, Zero-G-1 TL-14 HEV, Subdermal Implants, Shotgun w/HEAP and Mounted Grenade Launcher, too any cybernetics to list, Teleportation Suit, Sonic Rifle, Slaving Equipment 200 dT Far Scout Sixth Horizon Variant

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh mustered out of the Artemis Security Services sometime after the Fifth Frontier War in the Spinward Marches.

He purchased a 200-ton Fast Far Scout Variant of his design and gave it a Gvegh name that translated to Sixth Horizon. The vessel had a passenger capability of six with ten Low Passage Berths. With a Jump-4 and Maneuver Thrust of 6Gs, the Sixth Horizon satisfied Gevaudan's need for speed and range.

The Sixth Horizon.jpg

The oldest profession in the universe was the most obvious choice after the Fifth Frontier War. Added to the nature of his home polity, the Society of Equals, Gevaudan used its laws and Library data to look for a means of slaving the most valuable stock from low-Law worlds outside the polity.

With a Jump-4 capability, Gevaudan was able to take up slaving Concubines from Rorroksueknea / Aelluekh (Gvurrdon 2628) and transport, thus immigrating the Concubines 'legally' as slaves, to the Society of Equals and bypassing immigration laws there. Choosing Gnoengungag / Ksits Usathu Odzuetarug (Gvurrdon 1923) for its low Government rating, Gevaudan was able to sell each haul of slaves at reduced taxes.

Gevaudan's Concubine operation was limited to only 16 slaves per run and so was not a burden on Population ratings of a world. On return trips, he used the same staterooms and low berths for normal Society of Equals passengers and their luggage. His route through non-aligned Vargr Extents space, was fast with only three jumps, each with a gas giant for fuel skimming and onboard processing. His Fast Far Scout was capable of re-supplying at the end of each run to and from the Society of Equals.

1Gevaudan Gev Cannagrrh.jpg

The Senior Scout was very gentle with his stock of Concubines. The mildest of slaves were treated to double-occupancy staterooms for the three week journey to the Society of Equals, while the others were given low berths to sleep through the journey. He did not make use of stock barracks, but occasionally made use of capture collars with unruly Concubines. With his training in Medical, Gevaudan took extra time in reviving his transported slaves and Passengers with the utmost caution. The slaver made use of Sonic Rifles on runaways rather than un-Vargr (tr: inhumane) weapons such as Tape Guns on furred slaves. The disorientation suffered from such weapons made re-capture or other punitive measures easier. This was a seldom, perhaps annual encounter with individual slaves.

Given the Sixth Horizon Thrust of 6Gs, he could outrun almost all Law officials and Corsairs. Though six gees is punishing, getting hit by conventional and nuclear missiles was more dangerous and Gevaudan was prepared to ride out a combat while belted to an acceleration couch.

Not needing the bridge's manual controls due to his cybernetic Ship Systems Integration rig, Gunnery Integration rig and supplementary specialized Astrogation laptop computer, Gevaudan was able to run most of the ship while jacked into the onboard computer. It was not until the Collapse that the Senior Scout encountered something he could not outrun. Virus arriving in the Vargr Extents during the 1130s made his life difficult. He was forced to make modifications to his ship operations during the threat of Virus and the Vampire Fleets of the times. IFF transponders and Comms systems were gutted from the Sixth Horizon to be replaced with flashing light (or laser) signallers that were manually activated to signal vessels of the ship's identification, tonnage, destination and cargo. As he was known as a frequent slaves supplier after the arrival of Virus, the Society looked forward to his arrival every 1.5 months.

Gevaudan continued this route well into the Collapse when Rorroksueknea was enveloped by the Wilds. Thanks to Quarantine precautions supplied by the Rimward Regency, Gevaudan was able to retreat monthly into the Society of Equals which managed to cordon off Virus to just a few parsecs to Trailing. His business gained a reputation for quality, healthy and often willing Concubine slaves eager to be relocated to civilized space. The Courier went so far as to provide those slaves transported in double-occupancy staterooms the opportunity to train in non-violent Skill-0 through use of the ship's library computer and off-duty Robots Bob and Vincent. If he had time between ship operations and sleep, Gevaudan would also help with training. Though those Concubines were suffering a reduction in their Charisma and Societal station as slaves, coming out of the Wilds to stable civilization was an upgrade.

As a parting gift to each Concubine sold, Senior Scout Gevaudan would give each slave a slave's ear hoop of semiprecious metal as a subtle sign of quality as a slave above the rest. While this was often overlooked, the slaves transported by the Sixth Horizon managed to sell at higher prices due to specialized treatment by the Vargr Courier. He would often write missives to any slaves that caught his eye, standing out above the other Concubines. It was his idealistic tendency to follow up on those he had sold to the Society that they were treated well after transported. Some Concubines wrote back to the captain of the Sixth Horizon, reporting a better life or earning their freedom some time afterwards.

Gevaudan has only one other crew aboard the Fast Far Scout. It was rumored that his second crew was often one of his few mates, married to the Scout for the time they worked aboard the Sixth Horizon. Gevaudan cycled through at least four mates in this manner, but no pairing resulted in offspring. Even more hushed is the rumor that at least one of his mate-crew were slaves that caught his eye and he then emancipated, crewed and married for the term needed by law to free a slave. Less often, former mates of the Courier would meet on a world to compare their experiences with the Scout and Courier. The two Servitor robots are Vargr-shaped, but human manufactured, which the Senior Scout named "Bob" and "Vincent" by borrowing Humaniti names to separate them from Vargr robots. During the Collapse, the robots were modified to keep from infection by Virus. This was a careful era for the Courier and slaver. Vincent was programmed for Steward duty in addition to Gunnery in one of the ship's two turrets. The robot was gentle to the stateroom slaves and crew and this was a boon to the captain of the Sixth Horizon as it kept the peace despite the slaves' lowered status.

Another rumor that follows Senior Scout Gevaudan is that he at one point came into contact, during the Fifth Frontier War, with an Ancients artifact that aided in jump Astrogation re-vectoring. While this rumor is true, by the time the Vargr captained the Sixth Horizon, he and the strange device had taken separate paths. His Fast Far Scout vessel is Jump-4 rated by its own virtue. As an accomplished Astrogator, Gevaudan always takes at least one time band extra to run his calculations before engaging the jump drive of the ship he pilots.

In addition to passengers and slaves, Gevaudan could re-fit his vessel's cargo capacity for transporting a single universal mail container to transport mail. This was only done pre-Virus eras and only after Quarantine measures were commonplace later. This required that he un-bolt a single low berth from the ship to re-allocate its displacement tonnage to cargo availability. This was done in times of low slave stock availability at his source world(s).

Gevaudan's route through three jumps of space favored low- to mid-Law levels so as to avoid many entanglements with police vessels. This was a double-edged sword as in the same worlds, he was risking Corsairs. Both threats were by and large uninterested in his cargo of slave stock.

During the Spinward runs, Gevaudan when purchasing slaves would make sure to include the stock's luggage (if any) in the 4.5 tons of available cargo space. This was never much, but the Courier believed in treating his stock as kindly as the profession allowed. The Scout never illegally purchased shanghaied or immorally-captured slaves. He prefered self-indentured, (due to high debts or other reasons), stock and will take on only the mildest of deported criminals sold to slavery, (most choosing enslavement over worse local punishments). Proficient in Medical, Gevaudan also keeps meticulous records his stock health and vaccinations - often performed personally. This gave him a good reputation with slaver Fetches and with slave Buyers at the journey's end. His ship's Jump-4 capability gave him added clout in that he could minimize cabin fever of his stock due to gas giant refueling without stopping at any world on the route but the final destination to the sale.

In this post-career profession, Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh was both publicized and advertised by his elder sister, the Dame Qithka Cannagrrh of Kfan Uzangou (tr: White Fangs) magazine of Gvurrdon Sector. This spread his name over the Society of Equals and the Rimward edge of Gvurrdon. His Vargrtarian award for his gentle means of slaving was recorded in the late 1140s in the Society of Equals. Many of his former slaves managed to emancipate themselves through the courts or buying their freedom. A few tested for Equality by becoming full citizens of the polity. Less than that took his example when buying their own slaves from the Senior Scout later in life. By this time, the old Vargr captain was ready to retire and settle down though finding a place to do so was difficult for the elderly spacer.

Gevaudan Portrait.jpg

Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh

Gevaudan’s Jump

In 1187 Imperial Calendar, Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh was struck by the Empress Wave while his ship, the Sixth Horizon was preparing for jump from Rorroksueknea (Gvurrdon 2628) through jumpspace to Okhtous (Gvurrdon 2425). Being only a Mentored psionic with insufficient psionic shielded cowl hood, the old Courier suffered a psychotic and cognitive break as his mind fractured in trying to interpret the mental, causal and emotional turmoil of the "Yonder Chilling Thought".

It was the Pilot-Astrogator's best jump calculations of his entire career and post-adventuring life as the Wave took full effect on his psyche. The elderly Courier gave the order to jump to his only other crew in Engineering aboard the Fast Far Scout and then went mad.

In trying to interpret the Empress Wave, the Empress In Black and its message during that very short week in jumpspace, the clairvoyant and teleporter sealed his mental demise. He suffered a psychosis of paranoid schizophrenia in thinking he was under attack by the dread warning message that was the Wave.

1474133010.echthroi gevaudan s jump.jpg Maddened.jpg

Then his wife, co-crew and emancipated slave named Zhevra walked in on him just as he was suffering an Aging Crisis from missing his anagathics dosage window. In great mental, causal, emotional and physical pain, the captain of the Sixth Horizon fell upon her in an Infighting frenzy. The six Vargr Concubine slaves in Middle Passage staterooms ran to alert robots Vincent and Bob. But by the time they had overridden the locked door to the bridge, Gevaudan was nowhere in sight and never found on the vessel afterwards.

Lock and Load bBG.jpg

Zhevra Cannagrrgh

Vincent and Bob, following First Law of Robotics, moved Zhevra Cannagrrh in critical condition to an empty Low Berth after stabilizing her. An investigation ensued as the robots found clues that led to the investigative conclusion that the old, white Vargr fought with the Empress Wave and his mate at the same time. Then, seeing what he had done in a moment of lucidity, attempted teleportation to the one person he could trust, his elder sister, (the famous magazine field correspondent Dame Qithka Cannagrrh of Kfan Uzangou <White Fangs>), while still in jumpspace. The Pilot-Astrogator's Teleportation Suit missing from the ship, the presence of a recorded slight drop in bridge cabin pressure, water vapor and micro-traces of lanthanum dust on the deck seem to support the theory.

The Sixth Horizon was piloted back to the Society of Equals and bequeathed to the matronly elder sister of Gevaudan Cannagrrh who immediately paid for the recovery of Zhevra, Gev's fourth mate-wife. The incident brought in the law and the courts, in memory of the Vargrtarian Gevaudan Cannagrrh, emancipated the ship's current stock, granted his mate-wife the missing Pilot-Astrogator's ship and all assets he possessed and she retired from spacer life a widow.

Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh was never found. Flight recorder, "black box" data revealed the phenomenal Astrogation calculations as a perfect jump given his UPP, assisting gear and jump protocols. The jump was accurate and all lights were Green through the process.

Years later, many of the former slave stock transported out of the Wilds plagued with Virus and vampire fleets, collected enough funds to have a memorial beacon put into place at the jump point, 100 diameters out of Rorroksueknea system. The beacon can tell the life story and details of Gevaudan's Jump as far as could be determined. Even Corsairs of that subsector respectfully left the memorial alone.

The Sixth Horizon Far Scout is a meticulously maintained museum exhibit once it went through de-commissioning at a museum at the Downport of Gnoengungag (Gvurrdon 1923) UWP B759623-7, the first world the Concubine slaves exited the vessel in the Society of Equals away from the Wilds. Vincent and Bob maintain the exhibit and recount the various adventures in their service to the Courier-Slaver. Many emancipated slaves pilgrimage to the exhibit to pay respects to the missing Vargrtarian of the Collapse. A very few psionic telepaths claim to be able to sense the psychic turmoil, residual resonance emitted from the Captain of the ship when they tour the bridge.

Gevaudan's Sniffer

Through interviews and recordings of Senior Scout Gevaudan “Gev” Cannagrrh, concerning his individual psioncology case, it was learned that the Equal Vargr from the Dzen Aeng Kho, (Society of Equals), had a slight aberration in his talent of clairvoyance.

In statements taken from those who knew him, Gevaudan was remembered to have referred to his ‘sniffer’, his Vargr olfactory sense, as being capable of determining whether or not an encountered sophont rated to his nose as a friend, a neutral or a potential enemy. The Scout-Courier claimed he could smell the ‘con’ of a person if he was down wind of the subject. Many Psioncologists claim that occasionally apprentices who are given less than Institute training in psionics, Gevaudan included being a Mentored apprentice of a Zhodani Instructor and an Unequal Precognitive, might deviate from the mainstream in subtle evidences of their talents. Gevaudan’s physician reported that the white pelt Vargr from Gvurrdon Sector had, in opening his mind in testing and training, developed olfactory synesthesia. The report goes on to say that the Scout could ‘smell’ a subject’s aura or pheromone discharge and then determine through scent and his clairvoyance the aggressive potential, or threat, of the target. Oft-times the talent reported went afoul with misinterpreted senses leading to mistaken intention and causing false alarm in the Scout. How truly accurate this variation of Gevaudan’s clairvoyance seemed to depend on how much focus the Vargr could devote given any increment of time or pressure of situation.

In some situations, Gevaudan Cannagrrh was able to detect intent, locations and precise ‘con’ of a group of sophonts within his olfactory sense range. Also recorded is the fact that the Equal Vargr had to concentrate on his sense of smell to gain such insight. Thus, the Senior Scout was able to relay, if he actively chose, such information to his commander. But such instances were rare because the trained psionic was loathed to reveal his true nature even to his compatriots during his adventuring days of the Fifth Frontier War. Though detectable from psi-wave sensor devices, “psi-squealers”, the presence of a psi-shield helmet was no defense against this variation of clairvoyance as Gevaudan’s Tactical Awareness was not related to telepathy in the least. The Senior Scout continued to use his talent in post-War in everyday mercantile travelling.

Psioncologists and physicians continue to monitor known psionics and Psions for deviations from standard, documented talents as they cross with other pathologies such as synesthesia. It has been hypothesized that other forms of Tactical Awareness may show as chromesthesia allowing the clairvoyant to ‘see’ and differentiate friends, neutral bystanders and foes at a glance and integrate such talents into daily lives or in tense moments such as melee or ranged combat. In response to this reported discovery, many soldiers are trained to have greater objectivity when ordered into theatres of conflict and carry out their duty with fewer emotional investment or attachment.

Pack Cannagrrh

A report from the Dzen Aeng Kho <Society of Equals>

The pack named Cannagrrh in the original Gvegh racial language is spelled Kannagrrh and only changed as they came into contact with Humaniti and adopted the Galanglic spelling to better present to those Zhodani or Imperium they encountered. It was not a favorable change, but all obeyed the authority of the Pack Alpha at the time. Privately in some families of the Traditionalists branch of the Pack, the original Gvegh spelling is kept as a matter of racial pride so evident in ethnic Gvegh Vargr.

The Cannagrrh originate in the Dzen Aeng Kho or Society of Equals. Their pack lineage reaches back to the beginnings of the polity. Their name reaches back to founding brothers, one a Scholar and the second a warlord of the Gvegh Wars prior to the Pact of Gvurrdon. As the Sector differentiated into the various polities that spawned the Society of Equals, the Cannagrrh settled on DZUERONGVOE (Gvurrdon 1413) B664997-C Cx Hi Pr. Their family descendants were split among the educated and scholarly versus the aggressive businessmen and military warlords. Through the history of the Pack, clashes between solidification of assets and aggressive expansion have contributed to various attainments and setbacks that kept them from the highest echelon of Vargr society in the polity.

Sunggzur Cannagrrh is the elderly, former Pack Cannagrrh Alpha who abdicated his Equal authority to his daughter of three, the other being Equal brothers Azvarrkhael and Orgorr. Her name is Souegh Cannagrrh and she is the fulcrum between the Scientific Azvarrkhael and the Naval Commander Orgorr. It was this balance between her brothers that led Sunggzur to select her as his successor. Sunggzur saw the wave-form behavior of his and previous generations and opted to try for balance across his three pups. He abdicated in 910, Imperium Calendar. Souegh Cannagrrh, Equal of the Pack has led the families up through the years until 1111 when the Equality War (see Equality war) broke out.

Both Azvarrkhoel’s and Orgorr’s families are tainted with conscientious objectors to the Equality Test as they felt that it was barbaric to deprive a Vargr citizen of the polity of their canine teeth upon failure of the Test. On the Progressive side of Pack Cannagrrh is found Unequal Kaer.

1485360992.echthroi to the point.jpg

Kaer Cannagrrh

Kaer is a marginalized Prospector who continued wildcatting in the systems of the Dzen Aeng Kho. On Orgorr’s Traditionalist end of the Pack, Unequals Dhueth and Knirr, brother and sister respectively, rebelled against their Equal father and were summarily dismissed from military service when they refused the Test. Since then, they have hired on as Mercenaries and seen some Corsair and Privateer action, redeeming them somewhat in their father’s disapproving eyes.

Yet both the Progressive and Traditional sides of Pack Cannagrrh have their Equals who passed the Test. Azvarrkhoel’s Equal daughter, Adhllu is his pride as she graduated at the top of her class as a Scholar (Scientist) and is a Doctor of Genetics who conducts research into Vargr phenotypes and each subspecies’ traits and qualities. Equal Adhllu has a son and two daughters who have not specified their future career interests yet. On Orgorr’s Traditionalist side, only Equal Voellzoen the favored son has risen to Captain a fleet flagship and led several police actions against Corsairs in the Dzen subsector. Voellzoen has three, very young daughters who look up to their father as a hero of the state.

At the fulcrum branch of Pack Cannagrrh is Equal and Pack Alpha Souegh who chose the Emissary Career and rose to new heights as a Society of Equals Council advisor. Her two cubs are Equals Gevaudan, (or originally spelled Ghevodan) and Qithka, (better spelled Khethka). Gevaudan is a Senior Scout mustered of the polity’s Courier corps. Qithka is a Knighted (a “Blooded Fang”) Correspondent Entertainer who promoted from Journalist to Performer for her employer, the Sector-wide magazine Kfan Uzangou, (“White Fangs”). Both are currently en route home, as of 1109, from their field adventuring and correspondence in the Spinward Marches.

As to the succession of the position of future Alpha, both the Progressives and Traditionalists of Pack Cannagrrh know they have negative strikes against them in their Unequal children. Thus they have chosen to support either Senior Scout Gevaudan or now Dame Qithka as their sides of the Pack seem to favor. Azvarrkhoel’s Progressives support the Dame Qithka, for while she is neither a Scholar nor an Emissary like her mother, she is peacefully social in her equitable reporting, integrity correspondent and passionate propaganda acting in her true-life dramas through her magazine. In return, Orgorr’s Traditionalists have defaulted to favoring Gevaudan whom they hear is the Captain of an Imperium-built Broadsword-class Mercenary Cruiser and has seen some space and ground actions alongside the Fifth Frontier War even though he was not found on either side of the Outworld Coalition or the Third Imperium. His adventures as told through his sister’s reporting have somewhat endeared Gevaudan to the Traditionalists. It is by advice from daughter Adhllu to her father Azvarrkhoel of the Progressives that they support the Dame for Pack Alpha. Though of lesser Charisma than his sister, to the Traditionalists, clearly Gevaudan is the hero that his newfound religious philosophy dictates; he is their choice for Alpha.

1468603430.echthroi trlfmejtuh44sufnaql6tda9.jpg

Dame Qithka reads aloud to her brother Gevaudan the Cannagrrh Pack Alpha orders to return home and Infight each other to determine the next Alpha.

When there are two defined suitors to the leadership of Pack Cannagrrh, the racial rite of Infighting is the default means of helping the current Alpha decide between them. Unlike her generation of three siblings, from which she was chosen by elderly Equal Sunggzur, Equal Alpha Souegh must resort to the racial martial arts style of natural weaponry and decide thusly between brother and sister, neither of which foresaw such a brutal pairing now that they have found new connection and relationship, shedding their childish sibling rivalry. Yet the Packs ways are set and Alpha Souegh must someday square them to each other in melee combat as the larger Pack looks on. Gevaudan, cybernetically augmented to Pilot-Astrogation, has never been a warrior save by his adventuring days in the Artemis Group. Meanwhile the Dame Qithka has frequently initiated Infighting to settle arguments with her younger brother. She has repeatedly been the most vociferous of the pair. Mediagenic and favored by her viewers, the Dame Qithka Cannagrrh is the expected successor to Pack Alpha. Yet the heroic deeds of her younger brother bolster and enliven the Traditionalists who favor Gevaudan. Who will rule the Pack as Alpha may be decided when the two siblings return to the Society of Equals in 1110 or 1111?

Early Years Courier Ranging

Gevaudan “Gev” Cannagrrh

Courier Career - A Cannagrrh Pack Report

According to Pack Cannagrrh records, Senior Scout Gevaudan “Gev” Cannagrrh served four terms of four years in the Scout (Courier) career. He was promoted twice and developed a trusted contact in his elder sister, Dame Qithka Cannagrrh. Though his home polity of the Dzen Aeng Kho, (Society of Equals), has no Scout Service as in the Third Imperium, various governmental, military and corporate entities make use of Couriers to ferry messages, small but important cargo and persons of import throughout the largest empire in Gvurrdon Sector.

In his four terms as a Courier, Gevaudan was assigned as the Pilot-Astrogator of a 200dT Vargr Courier. Though the vessel usually crews two Vargr for the helm and Astrogation, the captain of the Vaerzknaks also doubled as the ship’s Steward and felt that his Engineer should also double as a Gunner as needed. The Vaerzknaks rarely needed such readiness as it plied well inside the borders of the Society of Equals. In addition, the vessel eschewed its 30dT ship’s boat and reallocated its tonnage to cargo and luxuries. This endeared the ship to various high-ranking Emissaries, Corporate Citizens, Aides, esteemed Scientists, and high-ranking military commanders for its amenities. The fast, reliable and ranging Jump 3 capability of the Vaerzknaks earned its crew decent pay and a profit in small freight and small lot speculatives in trade across four subsectors.

In just 16 years of his Courier career, Gevaudan Cannagrrh saw quite a few worlds of Gvurrdon Sector’s Dzeng Aeng Kho. Though almost all of the worlds he visited were either A- or B-class Starports as was the wont of their Passengers, Gevaudan saw a wide range of Governments and Law enforcement. Branching out in different galactic compass points, these worlds were, (starting at his home world):

  • DZUERONGVOE 1413 B664997-C
  • Ngaengza Duegha 1512 B436654-9 Military Base
  • Firullvorzkokh 1315 B436654-9
  • Urkhaksadh 1415 A420212-B
  • Zuerrguell 1713 B432321-A
  • Allous 1115 B65A773-A
  • Dzerrdkhakse 1116 A766645-B Naval Base

Some worlds visited by the Vaerzknaks were a special treat for Gevaudan due to their high Technology rating. These worlds continued the trend in VIP –desired destinations of A- and B-class Starports, both Highports and Downports. These were:

  • Ksethu 1112 A00089B-E
  • Gantsugh 0809 A000100-D
  • Ragzael 2010 B10057-E
  • Goedhung 2111 B66A512-C

Finally, during his terms of service, Gevaudan visited through his career destinations various, ranging worlds that had vastly different Government and Law enforcement combinations that required him to keep an open mind and step lightly as he delivered goods and dignitaries throughout the Society of Equals:

  • AEGADH 1317 B737AEC-B
  • LLOURSOUTH 1717 A553A9E-C
  • Rirrrronggzerzoell 1714 B5728AD-A
  • Oesar Gin 1418 B86A322-C Naval Base
  • Uzotssaza 1816 B425435-D
  • Ghugi 1716 B68567-B

Close examination of the Universal World Profiles reveals that Senior Scout Gevaudan Cannagrrh was exposed to various world Size, Atmospheres, Hydrospheres and Populations. Then the worlds differed little in Starport quality and the higher range of interstellar Technology. The most diverse world aspects the Courier experienced were found in Governments and Law enforcement that seasoned him to practice etiquette and diplomacy at each docking or landing to deliver Passengers and small cargo. His vessel kept within four subsectors and safely inside the borders of the Society of Equals.

At lower Law rating worlds, Gevaudan experienced the frontier or lack of stringent law enforcement that led to his experience of the legalization of slavery in the Society of Equals. Through the informal slave markets and tavern hall meetings, the Courier witnessed many a VIP conduct flesh and fur trade as he stood attendant nearby. Quite often, the Vaerzknaks was called upon to transport such slaves purchased by the chartering dignitaries back to their homeworld Pack territories and villas. The white Vargr from DZUERONGVOE was also helpful in evacuating said VIPs in heated situations that resulted in expedient dashes back to the Vaerzknaks docked in port.

Visiting the higher Government-rated worlds meant that the Courier had to learn the gift of silence and straight-laced behavior well beyond his homeworld’s expectations. Ferrying Emissaries about the polity resulted in his experience in complete lack of ruling bodies – some being anarchies – to the higher bands of Religious Autocracies. It was during these visits to such worlds, that Gevaudan first learned of the Church Of The Chosen Ones, Vargr who took up the Solomani Hypothesis and meshed it with the belief that the Ancients Uplift of the Vargr was intentional and meant that the canine race was specially selected for greatness. Though the young Courier gave the Church some thought, he had little time to truly consider the oft-humorous cult of grand delusion.

In this time and through the nature of interstellar trade, Gevaudan learned how Governments can shape the taxation of income from the Vaerzknaks passengers, freight lots and speculative sales at destination.

Gevaudan's Death

Gevaudan Cannagrrh died in the year 1200 at the extended age of 130, just one year beyond his elder sister who passed away the year before. He was buried next to his sister on the Cannagrrh Villa lands. Alpha of Pack Cannagrrh was assigned by him to his Traditionalist cousin Knirr Cannagrrh who married Gevaudan's widow Zhevra in 1207.

1481073508.echthroi knirr s formal dress.jpg

Sub-Lieutenant and Unequal Knirr Cannagrrh

Zhevra bore Gevaudan two cubs in 1191 and in his weakened state from failed anagathics and Aging Crisis was able to see them into their pre-teen years. Physicians stated that his systemic failure was due to unrefined anagathics overdoses while in exile immediately after Gevaudan's Jump.

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