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The military structure of the Principality of Caledon seems, to outside observers, chaotic, with each branch of the Armed Forces tracing its lineage, funding and to an extent loyalty to a different component of the Monarchy.

The General Command Staff (GCS) is the organization that tames the chaos and makes the fractious-looking and relatively small Military of the Principality of Caledon an effective, efficient fighting force.


The GCS has four primary missions:

  • Organize and plan the operations and logistics for the various branches of the Military.
  • Manage military procurement for all of the Principality's services.
  • Ensure standardization of the parts of the military not directly controlled by the Monarchy - the Army of the Principality of Caledon, controlled by the nobles, and the various system defense forces (to the extent that the systems are cooperating with the Monarchy).
  • Serve as a clearinghouse and manager for intelligence operations.


The GCS's organization chart screams "bureaucracy" - but it is a generally very lean organization, especially compared to similar bodies in the Imperium.

There are eight staff departments, colloquially known by their department numbers:

  • "Staff One" - Department One handles coordinating high-level logistics.
  • "Staff Two" - Department Two is in charge of intelligence. It operates a clearinghouse for intelligence gathered by the armed services' intelligence departments and the Principality's various commercial ventures (which have far more reach outside the Principality than military intelligence does).
  • "Staff Three" - This department plans the military's strategic-level operations (leaving most of of the operational and tactical planning to the individual services).
  • "Staff Four" - Department Four handles administration; it focuses mostly on administering contracts and accounting, but also handles the GCS's own personnel and payroll management.
  • "Staff Five" - Staff Five coordinates Army and System Defense units, ensuring they are fairly interchangeable (subject to system tech levels). It's the most wide-ranging department; groups of 2-3 staff officers and NCOs work with Army and System Defense units to push equipment, training and doctrine standards.
  • "Staff Six" - Department Six manages procurement for the Armed Forces (via which the GCS exercises control over the Principality's defense budget, passed by Parliament)
  • "Staff Seven" - Department Seven handles relations with the Monarchy and the various system governments.
  • "Staff Eight" - "Staff Eight" handles communications - in this case, liaison with the Caledon Royal Mail.

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