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Gauss Weapons employ electromagnetics to propel projectiles down target.

  • They are KEW weapons.

Description / Specifications[edit]

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Gauss Rifle[edit]

The ultimate development of the slug thrower, the gauss rifle generates an electromagnetic field along the length of the barrel, which accelerates a 4mm. 4-gram needle bullet to velocities of 1500 meters per second. The round itself consists of a dense armor-piercing core surrounded by a softer metal covering that ends in a hollow point; this combination gives the round both high stopping power and a good armor-piercing capability. Flight along the barrel is nearly frictionless, for spin stabilization is imparted in this weapon through magnetic bias.

A 40-round magazine is attached behind the pistol grip, and each pull of the trigger fires one, four, or 10 rounds. The firing setting may be changed at the end of each combat round.

Standard equipment on the gauss rifle includes a battlefield sight similar to that used on the ACR, a RAM grenade adapter, gyrostabilization, and a sling. Reloading by replacement of an empty magazine or RAM grenade takes one combat round, during which the player is considered to be evading. Power is provided by a disposable power pack included in each magazine

Gauss Pistol[edit]

The gauss pistol is a popular weapon because of its silence and its deadliness. The gauss pistol is based on the same principle as the gauss rifle and the VRF gauss gun: an electromagnetic field accelerates the needle bullet down the barrel while a bias in the field imparts spin.

The gauss pistol may fire either single-round shots or four shot bursts. The pistol uses the same 4mm ammunition as the gauss rifle; however, the magazines are not interchangeable.

VRF Gauss Gun[edit]

A cryogenically cooled rapid fire support weapon, the VRF Gauss Gun fires a 4 mm, 4 gram needle bullet to velocities of 4500 meters per second with an effective rate of fire of 4000 rounds per minute. Firing operation is similar to that of a gauss rifle. The weapon fires 100 round bursts. The weapon is only available in the turreted configuration, and requires special modifications to the vehicle carrying it. The turret gives a 180 degree arc of fire, although a more sophisticated turret provides a 360 degree of fire.

Ammunition is provided in 1000 round hoppers, which are loaded directly into the weapon's ammunition bay. The ammunition bay of a VRF gauss gun vehicle will generally hold up to 30,000 rounds although this will vary somewhat with vehicle size.

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History & Background / Dossier[edit]

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