Gateway Domain Campaign Adventure 1: Homecoming

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Gateway Domiain Campaign
Publisher Avenger Enterprises
Version Classic Traveller
Format PDF
Canonical No
Year Published 2007
Pages 106
Product No. CSRT0032

Thousands of years ago, humans came to Ley Sector to claim its worlds for their own. But there are legends that someone - or something - was there first. In the traditions of primitive peoples and in the shifting sands of long-dead deserts, there are clues that this region was once the home of a starfaring civilization.

Now their identity is to be revealed; for now they are coming home!

A mysterious artifact presents the travellers with a tantalizing mystery. Unraveling it will be a long process. Does the answer lie on a desolate deep-space asteroid, or in the grandeur of the Archduke's palace? Will it be found among the cheerful anarchists of Kam or the learned professors of the Imperial Planetological Society?

The quest for answers will take the travellers through vacuum and jungle, over snow-covered mountains and into the baking desert. They will voyage from huge orbital ports to the backstreets of a frontier colony. And they will go into danger too, for Ley Sector is home to a terrible secret; one that must remain hidden forever. Those dedicated to keeping the secret will stop at nothing to suppress it., to prevent events once expunged even from legend being brought to light.

The identity of those ancient starfarers, their terrible fate and the location of their ancestral home will all be revealed. And then the search for clues becomes a desperate race to find the lost homeworld. There, the travellers must choose between salvation and justice. They must decide whether to hide the secret in a deep dark place or raise up the light of truth for all to see. They hold in their hands the fate of an entire civilization. But should they save these mysterious starfarers, or damn them?

One way or another, the travellers are about to make history!