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Gareloch Surety: Gareloch - owned by group of nobles (whose elected chief exectutive is Sir Robert MacKenzie, 22nd Viscount of Craigness) - insures space vessels and commerce. Gareloch offices at major starports in the Principality (as well as offices in the Imperium, affiliates in Vargr dominated territory and in friendly neighboring states in Reaver's Deep and Scotian Deep) will write coverage for ships and their cargoes based on the cargo, the experience of the crew, the insurability of the vessel, and the risk of the passage. Insuring a load of cereal grain travelling on a new ship with an experienced crew on a well-travelled safe route will require a premium less than 1% of the value of the cargo. A cargo of chemical weapons in a sketchy Free Trader with an unknown crew through pirate-plagued territory may well draw a premium over 10% of the value of the cargo (if it'd get covered at all - getting insurance requires good references for a vessel's owner, captain, officers, crew, and vessel).

Some unscrupulous merchants occasionally try to submit fraudulent claims - for example, faking pirate raids for the insurance payout. Gareloch is very ingenious at detecting scams (the ones they don't prevent via their screening process). Some, the Caledonian Court system settles. And for scammers who skip beyond the reach of the courts, Viscount MacKenzie's connections to the Navy, the Expeditionary Service and the Caledonian Special Service also provide ample means to seek redress. This redress frequently violates both the letter and spirit of Principality law.

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