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The Galaxiad is a Traveller campaign setting, being developed by FFE.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Galaxiad is a high-tech wafer-based interactive entertainment telenovela. It covers events in and around the Golden Age of the Third Imperium. It culminates in Season Ten, the finale to end all finales, resolves all of the threads of the previous encounters to finally defeat a universal foe, although the ending was left tantalizingly ambiguous.

The producers claim that the series is based on actual diaries, ships' logs, and planetary records. The events portrayed mesh with the historical time period, but the events themselves, and the things in them, are apocryphal. No one has ever found the cool, fantastic, or horrifying sci-fi stuff portrayed in the show.

The Galaxiad is played by characters, with the overarching concept that it is a simulation. Once each episode in the simulation is complete, the players are "back" in 1902 (typically in the Republic of Regina, but other locales are possible).

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

It is a setting for Traveller, 800 years after the Golden Age of the Third Imperium (year 1902 by the Imperial calendar).


  1. First Transmission
  2. Horde
  3. Ten Thousand Parsecs
  4. Beyond the Barren Worlds
  5. Secret of the Essaray
  6. Dashus Khurisi
  7. Far Side
  8. Irreality
  9. Kursae
  10. Last Transmission

Brief Timeline to 1902[edit]

From 1200 through 1450, the whole of Charted Space undergoes disruptive change which leaves worlds incapable of supporting themselves. As a result, most colonies fail. Some worlds hang on by stripping dieback colonies of supplies, but in time those supplies give out and those worlds fail as well. The few worlds that survive this phase find a technological equilibrium and focus on keeping themselves alive and safe. These become Strong Worlds.

A few of these Strong Worlds eventually form the nucleus of emerging pocket empires. By year 1900, a handful of these empires have taken root, separated from one another by tenuous routes 40 to 50 parsecs long. These empires set the stage for the Galaxiad.

  • (1310): Both the Regency and the "Fourth Imperium" are officially considered dead. The next 200 years are called The Collapse, a period of damaging chaos and full-on upheaval.
  • (1400): Regina reaches TL-16, but the achievement is short-lived.
  • (1648): The Republic of Regina is formed, with three Strong Worlds forming its core.
  • (1780): The beginning of the False Spring in the Spinward Marches.
  • (1850): Regina re-achieves TL-16.
  • (1902): Regina achieves TL-17.

Metanote (Relationship to the Lorenverse)[edit]

By 1450 at the earliest (and perhaps 1650 at the latest), upheavals to both time periods from the Wave, un-weaponized AI, the Lords of Thunder, Lucan, and the Hivers' manipulation merge the OTU into the same timeline as the Lorenverse.

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