GURPS Traveller: Far Trader

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Far Trader
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Profit and pitfalls among the stars
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Version GURPS Traveller
Author Steve Daniels, Jim McLean & Christopher Thrash
Format Book (Paperback)
Canonical Yes
Edition 1st
Year Published 1999
Pages 144
ISBN 1-55634-373-6 Stock # 6066

‘’’Far Trader’’’ complements the GURPS Traveller volumes on Starports and Starships. It is also fully compatible with GURPS Space, and a useful supplement for any science fiction campaign.


The Universe is Your Market

There’s a fortune to be made among the stars - for the intrepid merchant with business savvy, a suspicious mind, and more than a little luck.

Be prepared to meet some of the worst characters in the universe - just pray they’re not your business partners! And remember, “cutthroat competition” isn’t just a colorful catch phrase…

the “independent trader” campaign is one of the most popular among Traveller players. Far Trader is the complete support volume for a mercantile campaign. you can:

  • Develop sector-wide trade routes, following the tides of commerce on an interplanetary scale.
  • Start your own character-run business, raise capital, and finance your money-making ventures.
  • Make contacts, find niche markets, and exploit opportunities the big corporations miss.
  • Learn what it takes to run a successful commercial starship.
  • Expand your campaign with 15 new character templates.
  • Run entire mercantile campaigns, including Free Traders, smugglers and pirates.

So stock your starship, grab your gun, and take to the stars … fortunes don’t come easy!

Meta History & Background[edit]

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Steve Daniels, Jim McLean & Christopher Thrash
Sean M. Punch
Douglas Shuler
Jesse DeGraff, Fredd Gorham, Tom Peters, and Glenn Grant

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 4
1. The Big Picture 5
2. The Interstellar Economy 10
3. High Finance 41
4. Ships and Shipping 53
5. Characters 79
6. Campaigns and Adventures 104
7. District 268: Trading on the Edge of the Imperium 125
Appendices 136
Index 143