GURPS Traveller: Far Trader

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Far Trader
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Profit and pitfalls among the stars
Publisher Steve Jackson Games
Version GURPS Traveller
Author Steve DanielsJim McLeanChristopher Thrash
Format Book (Paperback)
Canonical Yes
Edition 1st
Year Published 1999
Pages 144
ISBN 1-55634-373-6 Stock # 6066
GURPS Traveller: Far Trader complements the GURPS Traveller volumes on Starports and Starships. It is also fully compatible with GURPS Space, and a useful supplement for any science fiction campaign.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Universe is Your Market

There’s a fortune to be made among the stars - for the intrepid merchant with business savvy, a suspicious mind, and more than a little luck.

Be prepared to meet some of the worst characters in the universe - just pray they’re not your business partners! And remember, “cutthroat competition” isn’t just a colorful catch phrase…

the “independent trader” campaign is one of the most popular among Traveller players. Far Trader is the complete support volume for a mercantile campaign. you can:

  • Develop sector-wide trade routes, following the tides of commerce on an interplanetary scale.
  • Start your own character-run business, raise capital, and finance your money-making ventures.
  • Make contacts, find niche markets, and exploit opportunities the big corporations miss.
  • Learn what it takes to run a successful commercial starship.
  • Expand your campaign with 15 new character templates.
  • Run entire mercantile campaigns, including Free Traders, smugglers and pirates.

So stock your starship, grab your gun, and take to the stars … fortunes don’t come easy!

Meta-history & Background[edit]

As part of the wiki's ongoing Astrography projects, rules from this publication were used by the Traveller PyRoute program, using the sector data from Traveller Map and the economics rules from GURPS Traveller: Far Trader, GURPS Traveller: Starports, GURPS Traveller: Ground Forces, and Trillion Credit Squadron.

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Steve Daniels, Jim McLean & Christopher Thrash
Sean M. Punch
Douglas Shuler
Jesse DeGraff, Fredd Gorham, Tom Peters, and Glenn Grant

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 4
1. The Big Picture 5
2. The Interstellar Economy 10
3. High Finance 41
4. Ships and Shipping 53
5. Characters 79
6. Campaigns and Adventures 104
7. District 268: Trading on the Edge of the Imperium 125
Appendices 136
Index 143