GSR-5 Gauss Sniper System

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GSR-5 Gauss Sniper System
Group: Rifle, Slug
Tech Level TTL12
Size 115 cm long
Weight 7.1 kg loaded
Cost Cr4,000
Ammo {{{ammo}}}
Manufacturer Mactaggart Small Arms

The GSR-5 system is a long-barreled, high-velocity, ultra-high-end precision system intended for elite, dedicated marksmen.


The system includes:

  • A highly-tuned match-grade Mactaggart GR4 receiver and capacitor-control unit
  • A tuned, match-grade Mactaggart zero-bias barrel, which imparts no rifling on the projectiles.
  • A high-velocity (1,650m/s), non-rifled, fin-stabilized 5.15mm discarding-sabot dart. These darts are designed for flawless long-range performance - and are essentially custom-made, and cost 10x the price of regular rifled darts.
  • A ceramic barrel shroud that both insulates the barrel from extremes of heat and cold, and shields the barrel's heat from thermal imaging sensors.
  • A bipod
  • A full-adjustable stock
  • A tunable trigger mechanism.
  • An accessory-mounting rail allowing the fitting of telescopic, thermal, and/or laser sights. Unlike many gauss sniper rifles, the inertial computer is a modular accessory attached to the weapons's internal data bus via an accessory rail imposed into the inside of the weapon's buttstock.

The darts are fed from an eight round detachable rotary magazine which shields each dart in its own integral cradle until it's fed into the system by a non-mechanical magnetic lift, to prevent damage to the fins and sabots. Unlike most Gauss Rifle magazines, the GSR-5 magazines are not intended to be semi-disposable; they are quite expensive.

The weapon fires single shots only.


The primary market is Caledonian special operations forces and intelligence. Other military and mercenary units, and indivduals with interest in long-range precision marksmanship, also purchase the GSR-5.

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