G-1A2 Gauss Battle Rifle

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Group: Group: Rifle, Slug
Tech Level TL12
Size 71.2 cm long
Weight 4.99 kg loaded
Cost Cr1,250.86
Ammo 5.3mm Darts
Manufacturer Steyr-Koch
More exotic rounds were developed but have since dropped out of production. Bullpup stock, shock absorbing stock, optic sight, bayonet lug, grenade adapter, gyroscopic compensator.

The G-1A2 is the standard gauss rifle of the Terran Republic Marines and Army. The original G-1 was first carried by Eastern Coalition forces during the Terran Civil War. The current version was adopted just before the Lagash Campaign. Because of the need to streamline logistical support, only one kind of ammunition is procured by the military for the G-1A2, that being the 5.3 x 26.5mm gauss dart type. More exotic rounds (HE, HEAP, etc.) have been manufactured by commercial vendors for previous versions of the weapon, but they only yielded slight increases in performance, sold poorly, and were eventually dropped from production. Throughout its service, the G-1 has proven to be a reliable and effective weapon. A civilian version of the G-1A2, known as the "Model 11A2" is also available. The Model 11A2 is virtually identical to its military cousin externally, though it lacks grenade adaptor and bayonet lug, and fires in semi-automatic mode only.

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