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Long-Range Scouts perform scouting and research missions.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The Long-Range Scout is a survey vessel occasionally encountered within the Distant Fringe region. It is classified as a Research Ship and is constructed as a long-range design, with the ability to jump 4 parsecs. Similar designs have been in use from the time the Distant Fringe was first settled.

Long-Range Scouts have a broad array of advanced sensor systems and are characterized by a large antenna farm at the bow. The design has a low sensor signature and mounts ECM and Jamming Equipment.

  • The class are involved in political and industrial espionage far more frequently than they are employed in exploration.
  • Long-Range Scouts are designed to be powered down for extended periods. Many of their onboard electronic systems are extremely power-efficient, maximizing their endurance and allowing them to remain on station for extended periods.

Selected Example Ships[edit]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The design is representative and a number of variants exist, particularly with regard to the allotted weapons systems, onboard electronics, and the fit out of internal spaces.

Image Repository[edit]

J2 600 dTon Long-Range Scout.jpg
Ulysses class Long-Range Scout

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