Fringian Assault Shuttle

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Fringian Assault Shuttle
Type: PG Gunship
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Cargo 4 Tons
Cost MCr104.550 (base)
MCr83.640 (discounted)
Crew 1 +1
Hardpoints 1
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Jump J-0
Maneuver 5 G
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Origin Distant Fringe
Passengers 30 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 80 Tons
Tech Level TL–11
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Description / Specifications[edit]

The Assault Shuttle is a solid, reliable vessel designed to transport troops and supplies into dangerous areas. Similar designs have been in use from the time the Distant Fringe was first settled.

  • The vessel is a TL 11 design.


The Assault Shuttle is constructed using an 80 dTon hull built in a generally wedge-shaped configuration. The hull is fully streamlined, plated, and structurally reinforced, with an armor rating of 7.

  • Individual sections of the ship are divided by bulkhead walls.
  • The hull includes internal grav plates and inertial compensators.


The vessel mounts a maneuver-5 drive and a power plant 8, giving performance of 5G acceleration. The ship has an agility rating of 5. There is fuel tankage of 6.4 dTons, giving the power plant 4 weeks duration.

Main Section[edit]

The vessel is equipped with a computer model/2 and has two crew acceleration couches. There are an additional 30x passenger acceleration couches and 1x small stateroom, fitted out as an assembly area / medical bay. Cargo capacity amounts to 4 dTons.

  • The vessel is fitted with communications equipment, a sensor array, and an avionics suite.


The Assault Shuttle requires 1 crew: a pilot, but also routinely carries a navigator/gunner.


The ship has a single mixed triple turret mounting two beam lasers and one missile rack.




The basic cost of the vessel is MCr104.550.

  • The ship is a standard design. Detailed architectural plans are widely available and no design fee is chargeable.
  • If multiple examples of the design are ordered all of the ships in the production run qualify for a 20% discount, which reduces their price to MCr83.640.


An ubiquitous design used throughout the Distant Fringe, the Assault Shuttle is durable and reliable. The design is representative and a large number of variants exist, particularly with regard to the allotted weapons systems and onboard electronics.

Assault Shuttles are often deployed by vessels such as the Military Ship Transporter.

See also: Ships of the Distant Fringe

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