Fraydon class Destroyer

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Fraydon class Destroyer
Type: DD Destroyer
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Cargo 0 Tons
Cost MCr4,254.612
Qty: MCr 3,403.69
Crew 75 with 24 marines
Hardpoints 40
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Jump J-2
Maneuver 6 G
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Origin Pador (world)
Passengers 0 High/Med 0 Low
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Size 4,000 Tons
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Tech Level TL–12
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50 in service

A notorious Pador Military Forces destroyer design, long thought to be a Sath Alliance commerce raider, it turns out the the dreaded Fraydon is a Pador production model. They were used to ambush Sath vessels and used sophisticated electronic warfare to fool victims into thinking the attackers were rival Sath faction forces. This was used to incite internal strife and distrust among rival Sath. With the Ka’sa Faction, blaming the Khas'ahi Faction, and the Shikh’aa Faction. The Pador could keep them off guard and wary enough to delay their moves toward aggressive expansion. Built with the ability to mimic the much larger As'ah Class Fleet Tenders, with camouflage, decoys and drop tanks, the deceptive practices lead to some fratricidal friendly fire incidents along the borders of the whole K’shek cluster among confused and frustrated Sath commanders.

They are crewed by specially trained naval officers for whom fear is a psychological weapon and not a worry. They excel at "living off the land" and pillaging behind enemy lines during trans-border strikes. This class has several usual features. Fitted with two heavy missile bays, a particle accelerator bay, two dual plasma gun turrets, a pair of triple sand caster turrets and six triple beam laser turrets in three batteries. She has light hull plating on her streamlined needle/wedge hull. She is capable of wilderness ocean refueling with her fuel scoops and on board fuel purification. She carries enough internal fuel capacity for a jump2 with a jump 1 reserve and is routinely fitted with a jump 2 drop tank for extended raiding operations. Barracks for a small commando platoon of 24 marines with drop capsules has been squeezed into what was her cargo bay. She is rated for 6 G acceleration and has 4 agility with a pair of model 6 fib computers mounted adjacent to the bridge. The second computer runs most of the ECM and signal spoofing software. It took 138 weeks to build the prototype, and the production models require 111 weeks to manufacture.

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