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Notes (2007)[edit]

The basic data is taken from Imperial Lines #1, the first issue of a short-lived newsletter from GDW. In this issue, it was stated that Marc Miller had officially ruled that Foreven would be left forever undeveloped, to serve as a "referee's private reserve". All previously published information was collected together and "set in stone" in Imperial Lines #1, as was the non-development edict.

Imperial Lines #1 stated that the character of Foreven was much like that of the Spinward Marches, the sector immediately to trailing. It is a sector where Imperial and Zhodani interests vie with each other, and come into conflict, though usually in the form of tensions between their respective proxies. It is also in an area that is a "natural" for the expansion of both.

These are the subsectors that GypsyComet, Dylan Lee and BeRKA have mapped in the Foreven Sector.

Notes (2008)[edit]

Mongoose Publishing[edit]

In 2008, Mongoose Publishing announced they were allowing third party developers to publish material only in the Foreven sector. From the Foreven Sector guide book:

The stellar positions presented here were developed by Greg Videll and Mike Mikesh for the GDW newsletter Imperialines, for use as a "referee’s preserve." The only subsector names shown in this document are from Supplement 3: The Spinward Marches. All post-1105 OTU canon material has been removed.

With the advent of Mongoose Publishing’s Traveller releases, the advantage of Foreven’s status as a preserve is again apparent. Foreven provides an accessible sector of stars adjacent to the Spinward Marches and allows the Traveller community to develop this sector freely while participating in the continuing Mongoose development of the Official Traveller Universe.

Notes (2013)[edit]

Far Future Enterprises[edit]

Far Future Enterprises credits GDW authors Greg Videll and Mike Mikesh for the Imperial Lines #1 newsletter article that declares Foreven a "referee's preserve".