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The Followers of Khaanii or Pure Brotherhood was a pseudo-religious movement.


It was founded by Reverent Emil Khaanii (933-987) on the Vilani theory of racial purity and superiority.

History and background[edit]

In 965 the Pure Brotherhood won the elections on Kakar (Dagudashaag 2937) and ascended to power in the Hive Cities. At first the Brotherhood, under the 'divine' guidance of the Reverent Khaanii, seemed to be working efficiently for the whole community — the bribery and corruption of the local government was eradicated and replaced with efficient service. Then, slowly, the Brotherhood began to blame all non-Vilani for the many problems that still beset the colony. The number of complaints of tyranny and torture finally resulted in the Imperial Government registering an official complaint.

The Brotherhood replied in 985 by cutting off all diplomatic relations with the Imperium. Despite initial reservations Imperial forces put the planet under siege and waited, expecting the people of Kakar to be starved into submission within weeks. Much to their surprise, Kakar continued to hold out. Initially it was assumed that Kakar must have secretly amassed immense food reserves over the previous 50 years. Then, in early 987, news began to filter through to the Imperial troops of atrocities being committed on the surface against non-Vilani. The decision was made to invade. Imperial troops found themselves in a dirty guerilla war against civilians, man, women, and children.

Once it became clear that Kakar could not win, the Reverent Khaanii committed suicide and the war ground to a halt. It was only then it was discovered that over 98% of all non-Vilani had been slaughtered in the early weeks of the seige and their bodied used, unknowingly, as food by the surviving population.

The decision was made to re-establish the exile camps on Sima (Dagudashaag 2736) and Napu (Dagudashaag 3035). Over six million members of the Pure Brotherhood were sent into exile. While officially banned, neo-Khaanii parties still exist within Laraa Subsector.

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