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A fleet tender is a generic name used for all tenders who carry combat oriented non-starships (vessels of 100+ tons).

For any given ship tonnage, a ship which is not burdened with jump drives and jump fuel can be better armed and armored than a ship which must carry those jump drives. The concept of fleet tenders takes advantage of this fact. A fleet tender is a large jump drive equipped ship which carries several big craft, each of which is well-armed, well-armored, and usually fitted with high acceleration maneuver drives.

Fleet tenders are usually produced with dispersed structure hulls in order to allow simultaneous launch of all craft carried as the ship arrives in a system. Since the tender cannot skim gas giants for refueling, the ships it carries must contain sufficient fuel tankage to refuel the tender in a reasonable time; often they must be streamlined to allow them to gather fuel from oceans if there is no gas giant in the system they move to. Riders tend to be streamlined, and can perform refueling operations quite nicely.

Another type of ship with a similar mission is the fleet carrier, designed to carry a large number of small (under 100 tons) fighter craft.

There is also a ship tender — a ship intended to maintain and repair stricken ships. Essentially, a floating maintenance and repair yard with all labs, workshops, tools, and a limited quantity of supplies to perform such duty, with more sourced from supply ships attending the fleet. The ship tender and fleet tender terms are often, though mistakenly, used interchangeably.

See also Battle Tender, Cruiser Tender, Interdiction Tender, and Escort Tender.


18 Representative Tenders (VT) Classes[edit]

Class Origin Hull
Tonnage Jump
Arachnae Class SDB Tender Third Imperium VTF 14 5,000 Jump 1
Arethusa Class Destroyer Tender Third Imperium VT 13 3,300 Jump 4
As'ah Class Fleet Tender Sath Alliance VTB 11 6,000 Jump 2
Aster Class Fleet Tender Plavian League VT 10 18,000 Jump 1
Avenger Class Escort Carrier Ushran VT 12 8,200 Jump 3
Beaumonde Class Fleet Tender Third Imperium VTB 13 100,000 Jump 4
Daprolix Class Battle Tender Daprolix Juncture of Suns VT 11 9,000 Jump 2
Fagad Avalar Class Tender Avalar Consulate VT 9 1,000 Jump 1
Goke Class Fleet Tender Khuur League Fleet VT 12 322,000 Jump 3
Gorodish Class Fleet Tender Third Imperium VTB 15 1,000,000 Jump 4
Holy Mother Class Fleet Tender Amil Federation Fleet VTB 13 178,000 Jump 3
Iinen Class Fleet Tender Third Imperium VTB 14 200,000 Jump 4
Imperial Standard Class Fleet Tender Third Imperium VTB 15 700,000 Jump 4
Jacent Capital Class Fleet Tender Darrian VTB 13 1,000,000 Jump 4
Jesel Class Fleet Tender The Last Line VTB 11 12,800 Jump 2
K'Slice Class Attacker Tender Akras VTF 8 68 Jump 0
K'Thunk Class Raider Tender Akras VTF 8 100 Jump 0
Kiev Class Fleet Tender Kostov VTA 12 200,000 Jump 3

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