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Cost Cr1
Size 0.01 liters
Type Food and Drink
Tech Level TL–3
Weight 1.0 gram
Fiwai'al is a much sought-after and expensive plant-based oil used both for cooking and for the manufacture of perfumes.

Derived from a plant grown only on Aslan world of Hroilr (Dark Nebula 1536), which is controlled by the Keiouwyaouryakh Clan. Keiouwyaouryakh closely guards the secret of the art and science of cultivating the Fiwai'al plant and the methods use to refine Fiwai'al as a spice and how to distill Fiwai'al essence for use in perfumery.

It is rarely sold outside the Hierate, since humans find its smell unattractive and it is toxic when taken internally by Humans. Some Solomani Humans have remarked that Fiwai'al perfume smells like panther piss.

Fiwai'al often commands a price equivalent to Cr1.0 per gram. Short-term fluctuations in Hierate stock markets often drive Fiwai'al product prices sky-high, and the long-term price patterns of Fiwai'al commodities are notoriously hard to predict.

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