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Fives (singular Five) is a term for anybody from a society background and is associated with old blood and old money.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The term "Five" specifically relates to those families who can trace their lineage back to the very first humans to settle in the Distant Fringe.

The name derives from the 55,000 original humans aboard the Last Armada – purebreds, not a Gen, a common everyday person whose earliest ancestors were grown in GenPods – and the presence of those ancestors in the Distant Fringe during Year One (2255AD), the date of the first ever domestic agricultural harvest.

  • Fives originating on Tal Varisa , the site of that harvest, are considered more elite still.

The ancestors of Gens arrived in the Distant Fringe as frozen embryos, were gestated in GenPods and raised by Hoppers.

  • First Gens can trace their ancestry to the very first generation of Gens grown on Fedan, the Hopper homeworld.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Social Status[edit]

Soc Ancestry General Social Status Noble Title
0 Convict Outcast
1 Gens Underclass Citizen
2–5 Gens Lower Class
6–9 Gens Middle Class
A First Gens Upper Class
B Fives Old Family Knight
C Fives Social Elite Baron
D Fives Tal Varisan heritage Earl
E Fives Old Terran Family Count
F Fives Old Terran Nobility Duke, Prince


"Ancestry" indicates the character's ancestral origins and lineage based on their generated Social Status score. Any individual's ancestry is complicated, however, and it is possible for processes such as genealogical study, genetic evidence or family revelations to reveal otherwise unknown aspects of an individual's heritage, effectively changing their understanding of their ancestral origins.

Notable "Fives" Families[edit]

Noble Title[edit]

Many Fives are part of a system of nobility originating in the time of the Second Confederation, and originally pertaining to grants of real estate on worlds within the coreward half of the Distant Fringe. Not all Fives are nobles, but all nobles are Fives.

A noble title may come with hereditary responsibilities and duties, and it may involve pledging allegiance and fealty to a higher-ranking noble. A noble may hold ancestral lands, which potentially generate income or are inherently valuable. Conversely, those same lands may cause expense in the form of upkeep and maintenance.

  • Nobles may have a large family home, often located within a broad private estate. They often have an extended family and a large retinue.
  • Mantlerists may have strong views with regard to Fives who hold or affect a noble title.

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