Fighting Ships (TA 7)

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Traveller's Aide 7
Traveller's Aide #7
Publisher QuikLink Interactive
Version Traveller D20
Author Ben W. BellMartin Dougherty
Format PDF
Canonical 1
Year Published 2003
Available from RPGNow

The Imperial Navy is the dominant military force in Charted Space. This volume reveals what the navy does, how it does it, and what tools it uses.

TA 7: Fighting Ships starts off with a comprehensive look at the Imperial Navy, starting with its long and prestigious history and moving on to the technology and design concepts involved in creating a fighting starship. Naval missions are given a thorough treatment, as are the roles of the various different ship classes and their organization into squadrons, task groups and fleets.

Also detailed are many of the warship classes in service in 993, including:

  • The awesome Perisher class fast dreadnought
  • The humble Dryad fighter
  • The brand-new and experimental Azhanti High Lightning class fleet intruder
  • The venerable Saberwolf class destroyer
  • The highly-praised Atlantic class heavy cruiser
  • The much-cursed Fer-de-Lance destroyer
  • The lethal Grigot class strike fighter
  • The death-or-glory Seydlitz class strike monitor

Each class is discussed in terms of its history and possible future, its role and its unique characteristics.

Fighting Ships covers all sizes of ships, and can provide encounters ranging from a battle fleet to a patrol ship, a system defense monitor to a fighter.

These are the vessels that fought the Solomani Rim War and the Third Frontier War. Traveller players using other eras may encounter earlier or later versions of these ships, making TA7 an indispensable resource for the Traveller Referee.


Written By
Ben W. Bell and Martin Dougherty
Edited By
Martin Dougherty
Cover By
Bryan Gibson
Interior Illustrations By
Bryan Gibson
Ship Designs By
William ‘Commander X’ Prankard IV
Art Direction By
Hunter Gordon