Fate of the Sky Raiders

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Fate of the Sky Raiders
Publisher FASA
Version Classic Traveller
Author J. Andrew Keith
Format digest
Canonical 1
Year Published 1982
Pages 60
Also See Sky Raiders
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An Adventure for Classic Traveller. Last of a three part series, following The Legend of the Sky Raiders and The Trail of the Sky Raiders.


A band of scientists and adventurers must probe the mysteries of a gigantic asteroid starship, home of the mysterious race of interstellar vikings known as the Sky Raiders. Awaiting them in the immense man-made world are threats and puzzles, old enemies and new problems, wealth untold, and the final solution of the mystery of ... the Sky Raiders.

Last of the Sky Raiders trilogy, fate of the Sky Raiders is a complete adventure for Traveller, playable as a single adventure or as part of the Sky Raiders campaign. Numerous plans show important portions of the ancient asteroid starship of the Sky Raiders and rules describe many characters, pieces of equipment, and special conditions useful to this adventure or to others. Join the starship Inquisitor as it sets out on a voyage of exploration in search of the Fate of the Sky Raiders.

Meta-history and Background[edit]

The booklet is accompanied by a folded chart in the back presenting the standard plans of the various types of sections of the asteroid.

Skyraiders Trilogy[edit]

  1. The Legend of the Sky Raiders
  2. The Trail of the Sky Raiders
  3. Fate of the Sky Raiders


J. Andrew Keith
William H. Keith, Jr.
Map and Deck plans
Mitch O'Connell
Helena Szepe

Table of Contents[edit]

Introduction 5
The Sky Raiders 8
Saulente Stopover 10
The Expedition Team 11
Expedition Equipment 15
Into the Empty Void 19
Within the Asteroid 21
Module Descriptions 25
The Scout Ship 31
Cultures and Civilizations 34
Encounters and Events 37
Shipboard Systems 41
Using Non-player Characters 43
Kalamanaru 48
The Sky Raiders Starship 52
Ending the Adventure 53
Library Data 56