Far Traveller 2

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Far Traveller 2
Far Traveller 2.jpg
Publisher FASA
Version Classic Traveller
Author Dale Kemper
Format Periodical (Digest Magazine)
Canonical No
Edition 1st
Year Published 1983
Pages TBD

No information or synopsis yet available.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Journey to Rejhappur/Scotian Deep/Reavers' Deep where an exploited populace struggles for freedom against an off-planet corporate authority.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

Far Traveller magazine published two issues and a third unpublished issue is also known to exist:

Credits (Primary Sources)[edit]

Editor: J. Andrew Keith
Associate Editor and Art Director: William H. Keith, Jr.
Production Coordinator: Mitch O'Connell

Table of Contents[edit]

Traveller's Log 3
The Port Authority Handbook: Communications (part 1) 5
Software: Communications Programs 7
Adventurer's Gear: Body Pressure Suit 8
Adventurette: Night Rescue 10
Warbook: Inkaalur Class Dreadnaught 18
Library Computer 17
Port of Call: Rejhappur 20
Encounters and Events on Rejhappur 43
Adventurette: Trail by Justice 52
Adventurette: The Last Bastion 56
A Pilot's Guide to the Scotian Deep Subsector 60
To Set the Record Straight: FASA Errata 63