Far Traveller 1

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Far Traveller 1
Far Traveller 1.jpg
Publisher FASA
Version Classic Traveller
Author J. Andrew Keith
Format Magazine
Canonical 0
Edition 1st
Year Published 1982
Pages 64


Editor: J. Andrew Keith
Associate Editor and Artwork: William H. Keith, Jr.

Table of Contents[edit]

Traveller’s Log 1
The Port Authority Handbook: Inward Clearance by J. Andrew Keith 4
Adventurer’s Gear: Sniper Barrel and Laser Scopes by Martin Guyotte 7
Library Computer 9
Port of Call by J. Andrew Keith and William H. Keith, Jr. 11
Pilot’s Guide to the Ea Subsector by Marischal Adventures 56
Adventurette: Jail Break by J. Andrew Keith 58