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A Fanzine is a kind of periodical produced by fans. Fans of Traveller in this case.

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Description (Specifications)[edit]

Fanzines are fan-produced magazines.

  • They are often inexpensive (a few dollars an issue) or free.
  • In their original form they would often be hand written, hand copied, and mailed to a small subscriber list.
  • Current fanzines are most often produced through desktop publishing software and distributed as PDFs through the internet.
  • In many cases the older fanzines, though no longer publishing new issues, are also available as PDFs scanned from the originals.

Fanzine Listing[edit]

Some of the many fanzines produced for Traveller have included:

  1. AAB Proceedings (AABP)
  2. Alien Realms (fanzine)
  3. Alien Star
  4. Between Worlds
  5. Continuum
  6. Coreward (fanzine)
  7. Dark Star I
  8. Dark Star II
  9. Far and Away
  10. Frontier Report
  11. Guildsman
  12. Imperial News Service
  13. Imperium Staple
  14. Into the Deep (fanzine)
  15. Jumpspace (fanzine)
  16. Kfan Uzangou
  17. Le Mercenaire
  18. The Meshan Saga
  19. Morgonstjärnen (fanzine)
  20. Parasec
  21. Pegasus
  22. Queskania
  23. Security Leak
  24. Shadis
  25. Signal-GK
  26. Starburst
  27. Starfarer's Gazette
  28. Stellar Reaches
  29. Third Imperium (fanzine)
  30. Tiffany Star
  31. Traveller Chronicle
  32. Traveller Times
  33. Variant
  34. Vanrex
  35. Voyages
  36. Working Passage (fanzine)

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Traveller's fanzines have been produced since the early Classic Traveller days.

Meta-history & Background[edit]

The publishers of Traveller on the whole have been extremely generous allowing fans of produce a wide variety of fanzines and homebrew products. Even today FFE is very generous with the Traveller franchise and has a very permissive copyright.

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References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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