Exilicanda class Light Carrier

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Exilicanda class Light Carrier
Type: VL Light Carrier
Origin Council of Leh Perash
Tech Level TL–13
Size 100,000 Tons
Jump J-4
Maneuver 1 G
Hardpoints 1,000
Cargo 635.5 Tons
Crew 1,185 with 100 marines
Passengers 0 High/Med 593 frozen watch Low
Cost MCr69,926.54  in quantity 55,941.232

Grown for the Council of Leh Perash which is a Hiver client state which partially lies in the HinterworldsTrojan Reach Sector. This enormous class of TL–13 light carrier is equipped with a 50 ton capacity launch tube. The flattened sphere hull is streamlined for ocean refueling with fuel scoops and a purification refinery. The spinal mounted meson gun is complimented by 30 missile batteries. They have some layers of organic armor. They are the major combatant, and a major ship of the line. The Leh Perash Consular Navy relies on this class to meet and destroy the enemy quickly and efficiently. It carries 5 assault landers, a company of marines and thirteen squadrons of heavy fighters, as well. It has some redundant systems in the event of battle damage. There is a low watch to replace crew losses. It has jump 4 range, 1 Gs acceleration and 0 agility.

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