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SGS Escape.jpg
Situation: Hopeless!
Publisher Seeker Gaming Systems
Version Classic Traveller
Author J. Andrew Keith
Format Book (Paperback)
Canonical No
Edition 1st
Year Published 1987
Pages 12
Stock #2001


A follow on to an earlier adventure, Trading Team, published by Marischal Adventures.


Alone on an untamed world ... imprisoned by warrior Aslan ... the human expedition on Htalrea faces impossible odds as they strive to win free from their alien captors. It will take every bit of skill and luck the adventurers can muster to out fox the Aslan warriors and Escape.


J. Andrew Keith
William H. Keith, Jr.
Maps and Layout
S.R. Greene

Table of Contents[edit]

Players' Information 1
Adventure Background 1
Prisoners 2
The Adventures 2
Referee's Information 2
Escaping 4
The Aslan 5
Company News Service 6
The Ea Subsector 8